play colorful for modern design

24 Feb

Nowadays, many people are looking for something fresh to be apllied to their home. to make it comfortable and do not sense boring. their desires are manifasted in many ways that are designed to fill what these people want. yup, in my blog, I will sugest you how to mix a lot of different colours. It’s fun, you know. 🙂 lol. here I give you some pics to show you the real how of my idea. enjoy it. lol.

well, I think that yellow is the nicest color to mixe. but I warn you, take attention for it brightness. don’t until it looks silly when apllied. lol.

Bedroom for kid is good when you used your imagination to build and choose the right colours. just think about it and applied. lol.

did you remeber the purpose of posting this in my blog? yes, I want to give you a respon from your wants. the mixing colour shown in the picture above make a very comfortable living room. of course, you can give a touch of ethnic and modern beside mixing it colors. just give it try. lol. 🙂

one more suggestion for the comfortable look of living room using mixing colours idea. if you have a good sense of using it somehow to build fresh air and create a good mood, then, you have made a wonderfull choice. lol. 😀

well,  tell you again for the last time.

There is a fine line between playful and silly, and it can be difficult to determine where exactly that line is sometimes. If you want to incorporate playfulness, whimsy and fun into your modern interior without going over the top, I’ve got some tips for you.

  • Inject some youthfulness with bright colors. Yellows, pinks, purples and oranges are all fresh and funky colors that can be playful if used as accent walls, throw pillows or lighting fixtures.
  • Use patterns in conjunction with bright colors for even more playfulness. Striped sofas and dotted rugs can go a long way in bringing some fun into your home.
  • Consider wallpaper. While not the supreme trend lately, patterned, playful wallpaper can bring new life to a room that’s a little on the dull side.
  • Go for some contrast. Add surprising flashes of yellow amidst an all-white space, or a shag rug on a smooth wooden floor.
  • Think retro. Retro-mod is inherently playful. The bubble chair, bead curtains, and yes, even wood paneling can bring some nostalgia as well as playfulness into your home
  • Go on the hunt for cute accent pieces. Check out your local thrift stores and farmers markets for some whimsical accents, like carved wooden birds or wind chimes.

As with anything, keep moderation in mind. When you add playful elements to your home, it’s usually best to start small and increase from there, in order to let things grow organically. just give it try! lol.


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