yummy breakfast

25 Feb

breakfast is the most important eat time along the day. breakfast could be something that is crucial if you include teens with a lot of activity. neglecting the habit of breakfast every morning can cause your stomach acid to rise. so, do not ever let yourself forget to breakfast before you start your daily activities. well, from the pics above, I would love to tell you SOME of me and my friend’s F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E.S..F.O.O.D.S. it’s really yummy. hmmm.. lol.

the picture above named pancake. it was European style for breakfast. but you could try it at your home. it was delicious and easy to make. although for us, who belong as Indonesian, not quite enough to satisfy our hunger. lol.

this delicious looking waffle layered with cream saus and fresh fruit, made it as a good choice for your breakfast. well, my mom said that to make it was rather easy than made a whole fried fish. lol. but I think that both of them have the same difficulty level. than made this waffle by yourself, I suggest you to just buy the ingredients from the stores or find it in market stall. buy the waffles, the packed cream saus, and the fresh fruit, then mixed it into one delicious breakfast. hmm.. tasted yummy. lol 😀

this one called sereal with fruits. it’s one of my BF’s favourite. He said that it’s undeniably delicious, but until now, I still didn’t understand the taste. It tasted more like yoghurt than a sereal. however, I’d prefer eat chocolate sereal than this one. actually, I choose yoghurt at the most-my favorite food of course. lol.

this is an Indonesian’s food. though I didn’t say it good, but this food have a lot of wonderful taste mixed inside it. the best part is, you can add everything to this dish. did I say everything? Yes, everything, according to your favorite taste of course. :D. It’s a simple dish and an easy to find everywhere in middle Java, or even in Indonesia. why I said that? because the basic ingredient is rice which is the main food in Indonesia. it easy to make in your own kitchen, even for me. lol.


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