is he the One?

2 Mar


it’s a refresh morning to enjoy. especially, when I have nothing to do. 🙂

like many people said, life is a mystery. you don’t know what will happen next. 🙂 like what I did now. in my lifetime, there will always be a time that I found a fact and started exploring about it. may be you usually named it, curiosity. I ever feel this way before, twice. one in my junior high school and the other in senior high school. this time, maybe, was the third. did you know what really happened? my curiosity drove me crazy. well, even though it’s not a nice way, but it’s not wrong for sure. I only did something that I believe my future will depend to it. if not, then why?

let’s the story begin.

at first, I don’t even have any plan this morning. what I do was just login to my social network ‘s accounts, and played games. I also started my morning schedule downloads. I was on my way did all that stuffs, when something crazy crossed in my mind. did you have any idea about what I was thinking? yah. if you knew me well, I think you can guess it. lol 😀

I was trying to figure out about my mate. the ones I adored  and maybe the ones I fallin in love with. sometimes, if you found yourself think about someone from opposite sex many times a day, then, you have to warn yourself of what will happen next. decided mr.perfect was not easy after all. you had to find out what his real habbits, the real reason why he loved you, also his friends and family. or just as what my college’s friend has said,

you can know his sincerity, maybe by looking from his sacrifice to you.

guess what? I think that advise should be right. only the one who really care about you would do something like that. why? I think it seemed easy to talk, but hard to be real.

okay. back to our topic.

well. like what I wrote up there before, internet made everything seemed easy by it way. all the informations I needed was in this guy’s social accounts. plus, I also found another account that related to it. hoho.. that was great. 🙂 me, like no other girl, loved to see his smile and happiness without considering with whom he was. am I jealous? no no no.. impossible. if God gave me a chance to own him, let it be my own pleasure. lol :D.


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