there’s life, there’s hope

24 Apr

On a wednesday. about a week ago..

In the corner of a bookstore, I read a statement from one’s cover. It says,

While there’s life, there’s hope.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

I dunno why, but somehow, it freezes me for seconds. yeah.. that’s true. there will be no life if you don’t have any hope. and for me, hoping a lot could mean being disappointed many times. but that’s the point of our life, right? dare to make hopes, give it a hard work, believe, and being disappointed.

Not every hopes we made, are going to be something that we are supposed it to be. however you try to get a matter you want at the most in your life, if you don’t deserve it, then, it wouldn’t be. no matter how hard you believe and work for it. sometimes, that moments could be your life’s changing. I, myself, have experienced it. some of it was unpredictable. but, that’s make your life colorful. and so does my life. my life has a rhythm that I’ll never understand.

You know.. it’s just like something that happen along my study’s time. you will never expect if someone whom I adored from the very first time, in the end, just become my closest friend. don’t think if I didn’t fight for it. I do have given my best. 🙂

Remember the physics theory about action-reaction stuff? that’s what happen to me. he gives a response to what I’ve done. but, yeah, looks like he doesn’t belong to me. many aspects that we don’t match to each others. to be honest, he was the first to fulfill 7 out of 8 criteria that I specify. the criteria of a perfect man to be. for me.. until now, he still become my friend. one of the closest ones. we love to share a lot of stuffs, especially about his girlfriend. lol :). I think that’s the best way I can do to make a deal with my choice. okay. it’s the past. God doesn’t give me a chance to get him and I believe, God have prepared someone better for my future. but, at least it has become a nice opening for my college life. lol. 😀

Yeah.. as the time passed by, a bunch of people came in and out inside my life. some of them were meaningless and the others could be the person with a great role. however, this is the way I’m. I choose which ones would be my dreams and vice versa. I do make many hopes along my lifetime. and I’ll pursue what I should pursued. being disappointed wasn’t something I have to afraid of. maybe God wanted me to pass these paths as one of my ways to learn about how to be a woman, no longer a girl.

Cheers up, girls 😀


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