25 Apr

you know, being in a place that can adequate all my hobies, yups.. I said all not only one nor two, could make me forget about the time, the person with whom I went there, and many more. lol :D. as I remember, it have been 2 years since my last visit to there. it’s sad to know that I have to say good bye again for this year :(. but I promise. someday, somehow, I’ll came back. no matter how old I am at that time. 😀

and of course.. thanks for both of you guys. thanks a bunch for accompanying me along these nights. and terrible sorry for causing both of you got home in the very late night the last two days. lol :D. at least I have offering you to go home earlier, but you two deny it. so, it wasn’t fully my false, right? 🙂

after all.. that was amazing moments to remember :). hope there will be a free time for me again next year.. 😀

hohoho.. wait me there, will ya?


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