Blogging, a new lifestyle

2 Jun

Blogging is a very creative thing. A blog generally represents your personality. It lets you design a whole page in your desired manner. Kids are especially interested in designing blogs.  It is way for them to explore their creativity.

A blog contains many parts and all are designed in such a manner that it is easily navigated. One of the most important parts of a blog is the blog header. It is the blog header that will give you an understanding about the content of the blog.

There are many ways in which blog headers can be made. It is basically nothing but a banner at the start of the blog page that contains the heading for the blog and any image. Blog headers can be designed by the blogger or there are many sites that offer various blog headers that can be downloaded and used.

Each header either created by self or downloaded should be compatible with the blogging software you are using. Like if you are blogging using Blogger then you have to use header that goes well with Blogger theme and if you are using WordPress then it should match WordPress template. There are many sites that offer free blog header graphics and you can download according to your use and software compatibility.

When kids are making blogs they will like to have header with lots of artwork and images. There are various sites that let them customize these blog headers before using them in their blogs. The only problem with free blog headers is that you may find the same banner on another site and that can be a bit embarrassing. You can avoid this if you use a different header image for the same header. Yes there are sites that offer various blog header images that you can add to your header.

Here is the list of some popular websites offering free blog headers:

1. Stock Xchng : This site offers thousands of free images for your blog.
2. Free Webpage Headers: A great collection of many 800 x 200 headers used for Blogger.
3. 45 Free Beautiful Blog Headers: A site by Smashing magazine that offers very selected designs of blog headers. You can also customize them according to your taste and blog content.
4. Stock Vault: It is a free image site that offers various kinds of images including images for blog headers. It is basically a photo sharing website so there are various images from amateur photographers.


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