rainbow dreams

7 Jul

My life is going as usual. just like as it should be.

but, recently, it becomes a little bit hard. I’m not sure why. a lot of things happen lately. good moments, nice experiences, precious lesson, and even undesirable events. however, me myself always try to find many ways to enjoy those matters.  try to paint it as one of the colours in my life’s journey. try to figure out about what the real meaning of every single things that happen in my life. and still, nothing.. I haven’t found of anything yet. there are lots of clues and informations around, but the answer?? well, still somewhere.. unreachable.

I’m still yet to reach all of my dreams. have not even plan it properly. to be honest,  I already let go of my desire to be an architect. the only thing that I keep pursuing at least until when I was in the second month of Planologie, which is become my major of study right now. well.. let only me keep it as my dream, my pent possession.. 🙂



from what I’ve wrote before, it seems that I do not like where I am today. don’t you think the same, huh? yeah.. if you did, then, I have to tell you that YOU’RE WRONG. lol. I’m enjoying it, you know. although, in the first time, there was a small amount feeling of worried that I won’t get past this well. that I will surrender in the middle or even in the beginning of the process. that I will be as that disappointed of my choice. but.. the time passed by, day by day, I explore all of things in the different point of view. understand it by its unique. keep learning and start to accept the way I’m today. enjoy what Allah have done in my life, and what He has planned for me. I called it, a fate which is must be endured. after all, I have no right to deny it.

The senses of being student in the major of Urban and Regional Planning was fabulous and challenging. somehow, I feel like being an architect in a different way. yup, just a little bit different. lol. piecemeal, I begin to think that the choice of entering this major wasn’t a mistake nor a compulsion at all. after approximately one year of being there, the aura of convenience is very enjoyable. I’m not only talking about the condition of the building there nor the college-mates. It doesn’t mean those aren’t important, but.. the subject I’m talking here is more about the state of the whole campus. about the aura of competition and bravery. here, I learn many precious and invaluable things, especially knowledge which is related to my concern, that I know, it will be useful for my future, as a planner.

May wish that Allah will bless me in every ways of life that I took.



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