another Saturday night

10 Jul

S.A.T.N.I.T.E.E.E.E !!!!! again, lol 😀

         for this Saturday night, me and some of my friends in Semarang already arrange a plan to go to the Old City, or usually called by “Kota Lama“. actually, our plan was started at about 2 pm, yeah.. just as you know, it going a little bit late. the clock was pointing to half of three when all of my friends already reach my home. FYI, the three of my friends which is Retno, Arief and Raisya, come along from tembalang. and the reason of why they come late was because they were waiting for each other at that time. lol. how ridiculous it could be. my other friend, Laella, I called Lia, has been at my home from 1 pm because she wanted to watch her unfinished-movie in my laptop. the movie was “Angel and Demon“.

          okay, back to the story of my sat-nite. to be honest, the purpose of going to “Kota Lama” was to satisfy the curiosity from one of my friend, Raisya. she came from the island of Kalimantan. she had a pent possession for comparing the taste of Durian in Java with the one from her hometown, Banjarmasin. yeah.. it would be a pleasure for the rest of us to fulfill her desire. and then, the story began. after all of us were well-prepared, then we start doing our plan. like what I said before, the destination was only “Kota Lama“. by the time we reached there, each of us have already imagine the sweet and delicious taste of Durian ice. And, yup, here it is, the tasty Durian ice. yeay!!

         while waiting for the Durian ice, we took some photos here and there. laughing at each other jokes. told some interesting stories or even just sharing what has happened in our life lately. interacting with them was both convenient and relaxing. that’s why I love to spend my free times with them. 🙂 well, after some times, our orders has come. and our bowls was going empty in a short time, except for Raisya, well..I thought she had never really spent of anything yet. lol.

         by the time our bowls was empty, we have accomplished our aim to treat Raisya well. great! after that, we made a small talk about what will we do next. someone said, but I’m not sure which one, that Raisya once told that she wants to go to Ciputra Mall or CitraLand. I mentioned it as “CL“. spontaneously, we suggested it as our next destination. though, I still have no idea of what will we do there, lol. it took about 30 minutes to reach CL. after deciding the best place for parking, which is nearer than the other parking lots, finally here we are, Ciputra Mall!!

if we see Ciputra Mall from the outside view, it looks little bit horrible. the reason of the horribleness was maybe caused by a lot of banners and bunch of advertising boards that almost cover the mall itself. actually, it made the Ciputra Mall looks like a traditional market, not a mall anymore. well, there’s nothing we can do today. but, somehow, I believe that in the future when I already grown up and has been successful in my way of life, I will take care of it. okay, back to the main topic. what was the last thing i told you before? yups… I started to tell you about the arriving of me and my friends at Ciputra Mall. here I show you small piece of Ciputra Mall..

          substantively, Ciputa Mall was a cozy and interesting place to take a break from our daily activities. it provides us with almost all the things we need for a modern life, such as supermarket, accessories, foods and beverages, garments, and etc. but, somehow, I feel like something has missed. a public space with chairs or benches. yup.. I just realize it by the time I got tired of walking around at the mall. the developer of Ciputra Mall should add a lot of comfortable seats and benches here and there. well.. still.. nowadays, it was just a suggestion. nothing we can do to manifest it into reality. after all, it merely my opinion. a humble idea that crossed in my mind, while lamenting of my tired feet. lol.

         at the moment we were about looking for a place to sit, me and Raisya looked at someone who brought a kind of food called crepes. it looks delicious, especially for me. lol. then, we searched the place which sold that smelly crepes. after found one store that sold it, we bought two pieces just for me and Raisya because the others don’t want these crepes and I’m sure, they will regret it, hoho.. afterwards, we went to the food court which serve a better place to take a sit. and there we are, just sitting down accompanied with some beverages. two glasses of tea for arief and retno, two bottles of mineral water for me and lia, and the only meal called “pempek” for raisya.

        we felt absolutely exhausted. all we did there was only talking to each other, noisy of course. laughing, gossiping, and yup.. discussing about how each of us will live our long-holiday. as the sky went to dark, the sense of starvation was covering us. but, they were waiting for me to finish my last order which is called “es Teler“. yummy.. then we decided the Hoka Hoka Bento or ‘hokben‘ as our next destination. now, it was retno, arief, and lia‘s chance to order a dinner. yup.. dinner. because the clock have almost pointed to 6 pm. wow, it seemed that the time has passed unnoticed.

        after getting a seat, with arief, retno and lia who keep continuing their dinners, again, we started a small session of conversation. the topic was about kinds of musics we ever known. our conversations turns out to be an unpredictable and fascinating. each of us have their own stories, which is fabulous and interesting to be heard. even though we’ve been friends for nearly a year, still, there are still a lot of unspeakable things from each of us. amazing! 🙂

        the picture above was an example of retno, arief, and lia‘s dinners. it wasn’t the real picture because I have no time to take a picture from their dishes. I also didn’t pay too much attention on their order. so, when I searched an example of it in, I was just estimating which one is similar. looks delicious, doesn’t it?

        before leaving Ciputra Mall, we made a short visit to a mushola inside the Mall. after praying, then headed to the parking lot, and did a small talk, we decided to pay a visit for a moment on Pahlawan street. while seeking for a cozy place to hangout, we unintentionally met yusi and doni, a couples in love. it seemed they wanted to spend their sat-nite alone together. lol :D. and there.. we finally found what we were looked for. we spent almost one hour just to sit there and chatted.

       it was nearly 8 pm when someone began to realize that retno, who has moved to her new boarding-lodging, should already be there, at her room, before 9 pm. maybe we’d better hurry. and as usual, they accompanied me to go home first. then, as we said goodbye to each others, the story of my sat-nite was over.

a time which was full of joys, fun, and excitement, delightedly too. can’t wait for another Saturday night stories!! yay 😀


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