The reason why lily and marshall got married

12 Jul

Lily and Marshall have been dating for almost nine years when Marshall finally proposes. right before their marriage, marshall and lily pretend to get married outside the building, in the garden and only 3 of their bestfriend who came. they forgot their vow, so they decided to ask each one of them why the love to each other,

Marshall : “Lily, there are  million reason why i love you, you make me laugh, take care of me when i’m sick,   you sweet, caring and I love you because and you even create an egg dish and named it after me. You put an italian dancing in scrambled eggs before you cooks them. And it’s called marshall and its awesome. But the main reason why i love you is that your my best friend, Lily. Youre the best friend i’ve ever had. ”

Lily : “Marshall, i love you coz, youre funny, and you make me feel love, and you make me feel safe. and for our anniversary you gave me a sweatshirt that says, LILY AND MARSHALL ROCKIN IT SINCE 96 and i kinda wish wearing it right now coz it smells like you. but the main reason i love you is, you make me happy. you make me happy all the time. ”


2 Responses to “The reason why lily and marshall got married”

  1. Andreas July 31, 2011 at 3:50 am #

    this kind of drama film was one of my favorite too. I love it :*
    nice review 🙂


  2. Jessica December 30, 2011 at 2:48 am #

    What episode is the picture of lily in the hospital from?


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