I call you.. bestiest

6 Aug
  1.  I never felt that any of our arguments or disagreements would end our friendship.
  2. No one else gives me the total attention you do, when I have a problem or just need to talk.
  3.  I’m not embarassed to cry in front of you.
  4. You make room for me in your life, even when your life is crowded and busy.
  5. You bring your problems to me and let me help you solve them.
  6. You stop me firmly when I start apologizing for things that aren’t my fault.
  7. You send me encouraging text/tweet at critical moments and I send them to you, too.
  8. Sometimes we’re under a lot of stress and we snap at each other.
  9. You think I’m smart, capable, clever and pretty. You’re my one-woman cheering section.
  10.  If I’m way out of line, you tell me. And when I’m doing a good job, you tell me that too.
  11.  You’re honest but tactful. Usually.
  12.  I’d trust you with my life and you’d trust me with yours.
  13. When I’m really down you cry with me.
  14.  I can tell you anything and you won’t be shocked.
  15. When I’m procrastinating hopelessly, you give me the push I need to get going.
  16.  You know my dark side and I know yours. No judgments.
  17. One hug from you is worth 10000000 from any other friend.
”Friendship is not about how long you’ve know each other, but how you make each other feel”  

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