between you and yourself: Indifferent

16 Aug

I have ever experienced this, twice. not in a nice sense I think. well, let me explain it.

Indifferent is not like lack of motivation because you may lack motivation if you are not aware of the importance of the activity. however, if you are aware but still take no action then you are indifferent.

In many cases the main cause of feeling indifferent is the lost of hope and what’s meant by the lost of hope here is feeling that whatever you do about it, nothing will change. this loss of hope does not suddenly come, but it’s usually preceded by a series of tries and failures or by one big failure, then ending up by forming a false belief about the situation. this belief could be “I can’t do it” or simply “there is no hope“.

the following is a list of situations that can help you understand more what exactly could cause you to lose hope, note that someone could face one of those situations; yet, s/he doesn’t lose hope.

first, setting very high goals: someone who have set a very goal to go after then failed to achieve this goal, for examples dreaming of collecting 1,000,000 dollars within 3 months.

second, when someone else sets an unachievable goal for you: wondering where could that happen? simply in your work, where the manager sets a goal for the whole company, in case you are a marketer and the goal your company is after is far from reality you may turn indifferent and so stop working hard.

then, when the time is about to be up: one other reason that could turn you feeling indifferent is feeling that the time period you have set for reaching your goals is about to end yet you achieved nothing.

finally, the loss of hope: all of the previous situations can be summarized in one phrase, indifference may happen when hope is lost; when it feels like no one can help you.

the only way to deal with that kind of indifference is to bring back what was taken, and what was taken in this case is hope. bring back hope, although this may not sound easy still it can be done. you have two very effective methods that you can do to bring back hope, triggering hope and prayer.

Triggering hope is when you make any kind of achievement that may not be that effective in solving your current problem. yet, it helps in changing your state of mind from feeling totally hopeless to feeling that there is a hope even if a small one. after that, you may use your new state of mind to force your way through the big problem.

the other method is prayer. prayer is the strongest thing you can do to recover lost hope. prayer makes you feel that you have raised your big problems to a higher power that will take care of them which is God almighty. prayer can make you feel that although the situation seems to be bad, still an unexpected event may happen to change the situation to your side, because God will be helping you.


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