Maribelle Añes – Better Off Alone (original)

19 Aug




Verse 1:

all alone
it’s okay
I know my girls got my back
I can handle that
and get through my day
on my own
but it’s alright
they be chasing
but I ain’t wasting
I don’t fall for these guys

I’d rather be single (getting the attention)
and run around you know (did i forget to mention)
that I broke it off
with him, it’s about time
he was holding me back (missing opportunities)
but I ain’t like that (blowing off these cuties)
if anything I wish that I could rewind

I’m afraid to love
i’m afraid to try
but I’m better on my own
having a good time
he made me weak
he made me blind
over the years i’ve grown
and now I realise

i’m better off alone, I

Verse 2:
now I’m strong
safe to say
It’s finally reality
I got him out of my way
I was wrong
playing safe
now I can do whatever, I won’t say never
I won’t push boys away

so let me have fun (gotta keep em coming)
I’m in no rush (I got time for loving)
everything I do there’s no appreciation
you’ve had your chance (then you went and blew it)
been there, done that (I always thought u knew it)
you always say that you don’t get the situation


I might be conceited
you better believe it
I got I them boys crawling on their knees for me
and I can’t, I’ve spent
precious time on you
when “I’m sorry” just won’t do
I’m better off without you



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