Before I Sleep…

21 Oct

My life is one of those whose life is worth loving. I love the way God has lead my path and crossed it with others as well. Everything that happen in mine has a wonderful, nice ending. I’m not said it’s easy, some times God do harden it at one time because it’s for me to learn. Learn to be somewhat better. I feel grateful about that. It’s obvious that I’m not perfect. I still do some mistakes and think about unnecessary stuffs. Me, just like the others, never always been at a perfect situation nor perfect places. Me, like the others, still unsure about some decisions that I have to make. And me, like the others, was a person that born with nothing, powerless. But, what’s make me different from others is, eventhough I’m not perfect which is nobody is, I’m willing to be someone better for each days, every seconds, any time and so on. Not like the most people, eventhough I’m not sure which one is the best at that time, I never want to regret it at all. Because i know, if it turns out bad, that will be a lesson for me to learn and to remember not to do it anymore.

I’ve been always stuck with right people in the right time. I already met with lots kind of people. One time with heart-loving but perfectionist person. In the other time, I meet with selfish, but caring and sweetest one. And, of course, with one whose gorgeous, cutest but pretty overbearring person. Some of them were lasted as my friends, the best of all. They were appeared in each moments along my lifetime. At junior high, there are four for each stage or say it eight best friends overall. At senior high, it’s another two girls, with some other guys. Now, at college, I have some others with nice personality, deep thought, caring, soft-hearted persons. Well, it’s up to you to say that they might not the perfect ones to you. But, they ARE to me. They mean everything in my life. They filled my life with happiness, joy, pleasure, and sincerity. It’s not a shame for me to get criticized by them, on every single things I did. Because it’s for me and my benefit as well. Plus, I love them 🙂

An obstacle, barriers or retarder that prevent us to achieve our goals and keep pursuing our dreams were a necessary moment that should happen on one’s way to success. It’s not a shame if some times we couldn’t make it. But it will be a totally lost if we never try it. Because, by failing you can get precious experiences to improve your abilities. To be the better person. To have a better preparations and anticipations for ur future life. It depends on you to be anything and plan everything. Others may criticize you, but it’s you who will make the proper decisions. Well, we do will never be forced to face it alone. We are allowed to share it with someone else.

In the end, I just wanna say that today was superb. everything fall in the right place. I have a full weekend with pleasure and tasks. Plus, a guy, nice and sweet-hearted one to talk to almost every night. I have the life that worth loving which I will and always enjoy its single minutes because I know that everything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won’t last forever. And if things are going bad, don’t worry. it can’t last forever either.

Hence, merely keep your head up, be strong, keep smiling and believe. Even if you didn’t get what you do want, God will always provide you with everything you need.


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