Eco-Friendly Sun Porch Ideas of the Modern Residence in Singapore by Guz Architects

24 Nov

Eco Design of the House HomeDesign2You Eco Friendly Sun Porch Ideas of the Modern Residence in Singapore by Guz Architects

The idea of green homes and eco-friendly homes is a concept that attracted many people lately. The atmosphere is cool and calm may be one reason why they chose the neighborhood houses. This house is a modern residence located at one of the city of Singapore which was designed by Guz Architects. Green impression is present in all sides of the house, such as the porch. As one of the sun house this house is perfect for those who live in the tropics. The number of grass and greenery that adorn the parks and corners of the house makes the sun house worthy of being an inspiration to you. When we go in and explore the sun house then we will find many ideas and inspiration there, the sun porch ideas, sun room concept and also the concept of eco-friendly homes in general.

The designer endeavored to make the most of the residence by pushing the letters ‘L’ shape of the sun house in Singapore. The sun porch created which was private but with still a feeling of openness on the relatively densely constructed site, thus still allowing for good views and airflow. It used the ponds and pool as cooling elements for the building as well as visual focal points. You can some good images of the eco-house ideas like swimming pool, garden, sun porch and all of part of the residence in the Singapore.


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