Glass Bathtubs from Regia

24 Nov

glass bathtubs from regia 1 Glass Bathtubs from Regia

We’re pretty sure you’ll never view bathrooms, in particular bathtubs, the same way again after taking a look at these resin and glass beauties from Italian based Regia. The company was founded by Nicoletta Fontana in 1988 and since has grown the brand into a formidable one.

glass bathtubs from regia 2 Glass Bathtubs from Regia

glass bathtubs from regia 3 Glass Bathtubs from Regia

Regia uses a range of materials including wood, crystal, and steel informatively shaped and finished. Above is the Jolie tub, a polyester and acrylic resin blend loaded with glass pigments that give it that distinctly brilliant color. This formula is cast in fiberglass, cooled, and then smoothed to a crystalline finish. Jolie is available in four different colors: red, apple green, amber, blue and white tecnoglass.

 These remarkable bath fixtures are just the start for the company – they have their sights on creating pieces for other parts of the home including the kitchen and laundry room.



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