I choose to feel no pain

3 Dec

Hi you there..

Did you know how I felt this whole week? The entire month? And recently?

I have to say it was completely horrible. Why? Well, let me explain…

I start to think about it.

We mere like a sunset in Mars. You haven’t see it before? Youtube-ing, and you will know

We mere like a first time introducing of Copernicus’s theory, the centre of the Universe. Haven’t see it yet? Google-ing, and you will know.

We mere like a lottery winner. And its for the first time.


After those moments which is simply, plain, yet beautiful passed..

we looks like fish in the sea. Unpredictable and just like that.

We looks like color in the rainbow that appears after the rain.

And yeah.. remember the papercraft’s ship I made days ago?

That’s we now.. a papercraft’s ship flows in the river.

Not to mention that stars beside the moon were awesome, yet so beauty..

But, earth will suffer if there is no sun.. isn’t it?

I want to say something that perhaps I can’t define before..

Like A poetry that will never be enjoy reading without a deep meaning inside..

And everything about you is like a scenario that made originally.

And yeah.. that’s why I feel completely horrible.


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