7 of 365

7 Jan

today was a rainy day.. and to my bad, I still got trapped on campus. that’s awful. really. but it’s nothing compared with time for chatting and talking with my team mates which is I’m soo happy to have them :). they are Raisya, Sukma, Virga, Sigit, Kenida, Zulinar, Eko P, and Syafi’i.. we kind of making a really great team overall, and I always feel happy and content with they arround. haha, okay.. enough with that. now I’m gonna talking about my day.

how’s my day? well, it kind of getting a little rough if I can say so. today was just one day less before my 18th birthday come. and you know what? I miss play my piano. I miss playing it out loud, I mean properly play the note and sing the song out loud lol 🙂 I love to hear the sound of piano or keyboard which is sweet, harmonic, and beautiful. and I get used to play it in the night before my birthday. it soothes me :).

but, yeah.. there are some imperfect parts in it. I was nowhere near to place that I can play it freely. as well as nowhere near anyone that I can borrow it openly. also, I was nowhere near my own piano nor keyboard. and… until today, January 7th 2011, I have no idea of how to solve it anyway.

one thing that happen and precisely I know is that all I can do is to hope and to pray. Allah bless.



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