blogging, different ways of understanding

21 Jan

the last two-day, there was something strange happened on my laptop. I barely can use it for anything. yes, it still can start normally, but that’s it. nothing more I can do with it. every time I click any symbol to open any program, it went hang, unusable. it still has the same condition until this post was made. huh, it’s suck!

now, I write with the other more usable tools other than my laptop. hahaha, I’m kidding, what I mean is, I still love my laptop, but let it took a rest for a little while. especially after having such a whole though semester lol.

honestly, I have nothing to write for now. no idea to come up with, hehe.

after reading some blogs which refers to my senior’s blog and some others kaiami’s blogs, I come up with a conclusion that everyone have their own style to write on their blogs.

” We’re all special in our own way,
Everybody’s different, but that’s ok.
‘Cause even though we might have different coloured skin,
Different points of views, be tall or thin,”

—we’re all special—

that’s right, everybody is different. the differences we talk about here is more pointed to how every of them spell out the ideas, even they work with the same idea, into totally unpredictable yet interesting points of view.

an easiest example. a phrase ” perfect woman”. by the time I mention the word ‘perfect’ I bet you guys already have each descriptions by your own of what a perfect woman supposed to be. ones describe it as tall, slim, gorgeous, smart. another describe it as sweet, open-minded, active, loving, honest, fun. there are even people who consider perfect woman simply as a human who is imperfect and able to accept her mate for good and bad.

see? one phrase has more than one interpretation in vary minds. different people manage to have different point of view. it implies that the more people participate can create many new ways about one thing which sometimes we have no idea about.

“You are what you read, you are what you write.”

—Andrea Hirata—

yeah, Andrea has the point. that’s why I love blogging. read the ways each blogger write down their ideas is kind of interesting. sometimes they just spell out such boring stuffs about their daily life or their interests or about friends. some perhaps using a lot of photos to show it while the others prefer on typing such a word to describe it. some write with a complexity of grammar, not to say that that were beautiful, yet they have various choices of words which enjoyable to read.

I’m not about to say which are bad and which are good. judging their own style of writing and blogging would be a misconception. to be a decent blogger, there is no standard applicable. each of us are free to be as we are, free to write our opinions, our stories, our judgments as long as we do no harm to others.

sooner or later every body will understand that difference is what make world beautiful, challenging, and interesting to explore. I may remind you, if everything always a common then we will only have colour. but by learning to appreciate the different, mix it up and placing it in the sky, we will see a lovely, magnificent work called ‘a rainbow’. 🙂

I loved words.
I love to sing them and speak them and even now,
I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.

— Anne Rice—


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