Things I Learned By Sticking To My New Year’s Resolution

30 Jan

On the days leading up to December 31st every year we all have the best intentions to have a fresh start the following year. We resolve to be healthy and take care of our bodies, make more time for the people that matter to us, focus on that career boost we’ve been wanting, be less judgmental (maybe that’s just me), and have more patience, among a slew of other popular resolutions.

But did you know that January 10th of each year is the day that most people give up on all of the resolutions they made before the midnight? Ten days?? Really? I can’t say that in the past I’ve been much better…But, when I heard this statistic I decided I was going to try to surpass the average this year and here’s what I’ve learned by sticking to my New Year’s resolutions.

1. No Matter How Old You Are, You Can Still Surprise Yourself

I’m officially got older in a few weeks ago- don’t ask me exactly how old, that’s rude. But, in 2011 I found myself saying things like, “this is who I am, I won’t be changing at this age.” Or, “I know myself, I know what I like and what I don’t like.” I even said to someone, “My personality isn’t going to change so people can take it or leave it.” Well, turns out like in many situations, I had no idea what I was talking about. No matter how old we are, we aren’t cemented in our ways. Nothing is certain in life besides death and taxes, right? This is one instance that I’m delighted to admit that I was wrong.

Sometimes we think that when we hit a certain age we stop growing and changing, but that’s not true. When I allowedmyself to be open to new things and ideas instead of immediately shutting them down based on only of the fraction of the details that I knew. Sometimes when we allow ourselves to be open we can be surprised at the things that we like that we never thought we would find ourselves enjoying. It’s nice to know that even being on the cusp of 30 things can still be interesting.

2. There Are No Magic Answers

Who doesn’t love a quick fix? one’d rather pop a diet pill then spend hours in yoga and on the elliptical. But when you’re trying to make changes in your life there’s nothing to expedite the process- it takes good ole fashion hard work and determination. It’s natural to relapse and whisper to your friend about a girl at the mall who clearly took her fashion cues from Snooki, but when you slip up you just have to recognize it and move on and try to catch yourself before the slip next time.

No one is perfect, even Taylor Swift, so we have to forgives ourselves when we fall back into old habits which we have probably had for a long time and congratulate ourselves for even attempting to change for the better. Don’t get frustrated if you went out with the ex that you swore off or ate that chocolate cake you promised you’d give up in 2012, just hit the gym extra hard in the morning.

3. Regardless Of The Outcome, Positivity Is Always The Better Choice

How many times have you read The Secret? How many times have you read The Power? For those of you that have been living under a rock and never caught The Oprah Winfrey Show, the basis of these books is all about The Law Of Attraction. As I’ve been reading more spiritual and inspirational literature, I’ve realized that it has concepts that have been discussed for much longer than it has been a pop culture phenomenon. Ok, here it is, it’s really simple: Like attracts like, and negativity attracts negativity. Think that’s a little too hippy/I’m going to Burning Man this year? Even if you don’t believe that you can actually manifest things by having positive thoughts and feelings about them, isn’t it a much better decision to walk around feeling happier and more positive instead of always feeling like a victim of the world?

While thinking about how much you want a new Mercedes, Audi (ok, this is actually my best friend’s obsession), or any other cars probably won’t bring you the car, it will help you focus on the things that you want out of life and if you want a luxury vehicle, you’ve gotta work for it. It isn’t all about material things either. If you’ve been wanting that new boyfriend that’s thoughtful and loyal, you need to think about him and visualize him instead of thinking that all men are scum and you will be alone forever.

No one wants to be friends with or be in a relationship with someone who’s always feeling like they got the short end of the stick.And by now we all know that there’s a silver lining and that things happen for a reason. So as the Spice Girls said, “All you need is positivity.” At the very least, what’s the harm in walking around with a smile on your face? You might just meet the love of your life while you’re flashing your pearly whites.

January is coming to a close but if you abandoned your 2012 resolutions, it doesn’t mean that they are dead and gone. You can start them again in February and still have eleven months of better living ahead. 2012 can be whatever you make it, so choose wisely and remember that you’re only human….and that one bowl of ice cream every once and awhile never killed anyone. Have you been sticking to YOUR resolutions? What were they? Which are easy and which are hard to stick to?

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