Say hello to February

1 Feb


         People say February is a time for Love. everywhere we see Love is being celebrated. it’s highlighted in such a way that it turns out to be merely commercial. Love – something so very precious that has been inspiring poets, teenagers, songwriters, playwrights, actors and many others – is now disgraced by putting it on a silver plate. And we all can enjoy it in no time if we have money.

         This way, we are not able to see Love in its purest way. what we see and feel now is Love which has been broken, messed up, and destructed and then remodeled and formed in sparkling, dazzling wrap-ups that can glow even in the dark. what we see is something more sophisticated in the outside, something so much more beautiful, pretty, but it’s all fake. because there is nothing inside the wrap-ups. because this kind of Love just aims at your pocket.

         So let’s just celebrate Love, not by talking about it, but by feeling it inside our hearts. Let’s celebrate Love by giving a smile to everyone, by only having a good intention to all people – and to yourself. and see that Love is what you say, what you do and feel and, above all, how you do it all.


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