What’s on your mind? Facebook.

3 Feb

Well, this post were made simply because I can barely close my eyes this night. I don’t mind if you think this is pointless. really. because to be honest, I do not put much thoughts while doing the writing. Alas, just enjoy it dude. This time, it’s about Facebook. Anyway, if there’s any grammar errors or wrong spells, just pass it. I’m too lazy to re-read this. lol

Is Facebook doing anything to help relationships or is it worsening them? Facebook is presented to us as a website to bring us closer to our friends, help us share the special moments in life and connect to the people we don’t get to see on a daily basis. However, the entire idea has backfired and in all actuality it seems like a planned effect, because in every capacity it’s a great thing for the big boys in charge. People used to agree that Facebook wasn’t to be taken seriously and isn’t an actual reflection of a person’s life, and we can all agree that people do pick and choose what to show others, but in most cases, it’s become harder and harder to control.

I know of countless friendships and couples that have suffered from too much shared information. The simple action of liking or commenting something gets taken out of context, misunderstood, and creates insecurity and arguments. Heated discussions between friends can become an actual problem in the relationship they share and causes “de-friending”.

Whereas we used to share our private persona with the few people we deemed worthy of it, and everyone else got the cliff-notes version of us, we now share the full versions with classmates from 10 years ago and college’s mates, completely deleting the barrier that used to exist between the different parts of our lives.

Facebook may have replaced some unnecessary social interaction with people in our lives while keeping the “bond” alive, but it certainly also has brought forth with it its downfalls. Maybe we were better off back in the day when some things never came to the surface, some of our opinions were kept private and didn’t create unnecessary friction, and when we met people on the street from our past, we were able to ask each other what we each had been up to.

Relationships had mystery and we didn’t get obsessed about certain people in our significant other’s lives, over analyzing every move and click. Not to mention the reoccurring that appears on public outings with friends, which turns out to be a check-in and commenting fest, turning normally talkative and interesting people into facebook addicted monsters sharing a laugh with an electronic device rather than their present company.

I’m not usually very nostalgic, but I miss wondering and being curious about people. This one click away mentality has taken away huge parts of getting to know people, and with that, the relationships we have tend to feel much more artificial and stale.


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