yup.. it’s definitely anything but LACE!

6 Feb

I know it’d been a really long time since I posted something about fashion or style in this blog. Mostly, because I’m into myself (maybe it’s look like I was in a searching-mode-on lol), too many ideas were messing around in my brain until I had nothing preferably to choose cause they are all choosefullness. not a good enough of diction I think.

And this morning, I accidentally crossed on to Etsy. All items there where absolutely gorgeous. I just wish I would had more and more and more times to check all stuffs, especially some in vintage’s style. Yup! vintage is never be boring. Moreover I had a great intention on Lace department. Wanna see? Here are they.

There is quite a thin line between looking classic and amazing or slightly cheap and tawdry when you decide to wear a lace mini dress. The colour, length and quality of the actual lace material can make all the difference.

¤  —  ¤

Metallic Lace

Vintage-type lace is all well and good, but if you want something a little more contemporary you can’t go past metallic lace. The metallic lace dress is perfect for a party occasion. For a fun evening look, team a metallic lace dress in a flirty shift style with some patent accessories and metallic jewellery.

¤  —  ¤

Casual Wear

When thinking about how to wear lace dresses, look to the quality of the fabric. Lower quality lace is better for carrying off casual, day-to-day looks. Heavier lace fabrics are also better for creating that casual appearance. Choose a shorter length lace dress in neutral colours. Top it off with tan leather accessories for a fun, casual look.

¤  —  ¤

Heavy Lace

This season it’s less about stretchy lace and more about structured, heavier lace. These types of lace are better for keeping structure and creating a defined silhouette – think shift dresses and full-skirted tea dresses. These types of dresses are much easier to style when it comes to how to wear lace dresses. Sturdier lace fabrics with wider nets and more unique patterns are what you should be looking out for this season.

¤  —  ¤

Sheer Lace

Make the lace the focal point of your outfit. A sheer sheath dress is an easy way to do this. Daring individuals might opt to wear them without a slip underneath, but if you’re more modest then a slip is a smart option. Balance out the revealing nature of sheer lace by choosing a more relaxed cut or a longer hem.

♣  ♣  ♣  ♣

Lace becomes today’s-world-trend at least in the beginning of last year. Well, after all, Laces are synonymous with elegance, femininity and flirtatiousness. There was a time when lace was used merely as an additional decorative element for clothing, specially for the bride, but the beautiful laces have come a long way and we find entire dresses made of lace these days. There are also dresses that feature a mix of laces in layers or two piece combinations.

Nowadays, Lace are no longer using for dresses or blouses only. People are now aware about how to shape lace fabrics into many kind of outfit. it’s interesting to see how they come up with the ideas of creating another usefulness for lace in daily wear. The pictures I put here are all I found from the same beautiful website, Etsy. Check it out! they are simple yet stunning.

♣  ♣  ♣  ♣

White Lace Legging

White lace leggings needs to be an outfit inside your closet. It’s incredibly classy and trendy. Furthermore, it can be quick to pair with any other garments.

¤  —  ¤

Black Lace Tights

They look best with solid colors. Like for example a multi-colored dress will only battle with the tights and make your outfit look too much. So if you want to look chic and sleek, consider wearing skirts and dresses in solid colors.

¤  —  ¤

Bloom Ankle Corsets

Bloom Ankle Corsets – Tatted Lace Accessories. Enough saying.

¤  —  ¤

White Lace Garter

Usually, garters are worn in pairs to hold up silk stockings, but wearing only one garter on the wedding day is thought to date back to England and France in the beginning of the 14th century. For ultimate comfort, choose a lace wedding garter that is designed with elastic material and is covered by ribbon. This will help to impede the garter from rubbing.

¤  —  ¤

Lace Handkerchiefs

Make lace handkerchiefs, for all your children and grandchildren, from an old family wedding dress. These will make wonderful “something old” items for a bride’s wedding

¤  —  ¤

Black Lace Choker

The Lace Choker is a great addition to any vampire or gothic costume. This choker will go especially well with Gothic Victorian Vampira costume. The choker is black lace and has a gothic appeal.

¤  —  ¤

Creamy Lace Gloves

Whilst there’re a plethora of glove choices accessible, attractive lace gloves win the race for the extremely reality that they’re the accessory having a actual feminine touch.

¤  —  ¤

Black Victorian Eyelash Lace Clutch

This clutch is made in a white silk dupioni with an overlay of black Victorian eyelash lace. The combination of classic black and white with the victorian eyelash lace makes for a truly stunning clutch!

¤  —  ¤

In the spring of 1939, Coco Chanel said this about lace:

“I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin.”


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  1. dapperdolly February 6, 2012 at 3:26 am #

    Excellent post.


    • Deanissa Ratih February 22, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

      @dapperdolly thanks for visiting 😀 I’m glad you like it


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