We need to stop!

7 Apr

♥ Stop comparing yourself to other girls and women, no matter how pretty, cool, clever, and talented they are.
Instead: Know that no one will ever have your unique perspective on life, your talent, your beauty. You are enough, right now, in this moment.

♥ Stop putting yourself down and saying nasty things about your body.
Instead: Feel beautiful as you sit there. Feel beautiful every day, all the time, for the rest of your life.
♥ Stop waiting for the right people to appear in your life and make you “happy”
Instead: Be your own super-hero. Wow yourself everyday, and rely on the unique strength you have.
♥ Stop gossiping. Really, just don’t
Instead: Surround yourself with talented and fabulous friends who support you. Laugh with them and enjoy yourself.
♥ Stop watching really long hours of trashy t.v. This is the #1 killer of creativity!
Instead: Read really long books
♥ Stop playing down your intelligence because you don’t want to be intimidating or put guys off
Instead: Celebrate your intellect, intelligence, and the beauty of your brain. Smart is sexy.
♥ Stop changing yourself for guys or for friends
Instead: Find friends who like you for you
♥ Stop wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or unflattering clothing
Instead: Spend some time and find clothes that make you look and feel good!
♥ Stop fishing for compliments. It’s not cool- don’t do it
Instead: Learn to genuinely and truly love yourself for who you are. Develop a healthy respect for you and your personality.
♥ Stop weighing yourself obsessively every other day
Instead: You know what? I haven’t weighed myself in several months, and I don’t care. I know I’m healthy, and that that’s what matters. You should too.
♥ Stop swearing all the time
Instead: Swear when something actually calls for swearing. No one thinks it’s cool except rebellious teenagers. And its not.
♥ Stop being so self absorbed
Instead: Give with an open heart
♥ Stop conforming to society dynamics, your peers, the world
Instead: Embrace the freedom to be uniquely and completely you
♥ Stop waiting to say something
Instead: Speak up for the right thing
♥ Stop denying the wonderful things about life, you, and the universe
Instead: Embrace the beauty around you and inside you
Spread love everywhere, all the time. Love is like faerie dust- magical and beautiful.

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