Another one year of your age.

13 Apr

Happy Birthday !!

At least that’s all I can say to you

Apart from this distance, our distance.

Heck, I don’t even know where you were.

I know almost nothing I can tell about you.

I lost you long time ago, without ever actually made you mine.

Life is hard. Yet, there are lots memories to remember.

You have the first eyes I adored.

The one that looks so deep and so big.

Which I recognized as a cat eyes.

Yeah, I know.. it can’t represent yours.

Not even close.

It’s funny to feel something so strong.

Just by looking directly into them.

It was a shame for never letting you know.

Of something that I’ve been hiding.

For not telling you the truth.

Of how I really feel about you.

Call me stupid, silly, ignorant.. not to dare to admit it when I stand a chance.


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