Recollection from home

13 May

The definition of home is an absurd thing, for sure. Home is where you are supposed to be. Home is a place that you can’t deny. Home is a phrase that mean totally different in each of human minds, as well as in yours. But to describe home, for me, is a place that I could be carefree, careless, emotionally disturbing, stubborn as hell, and yeah.. using my short. lol

A chance to come and be here, at home, is likely not easy stuff to get.  But, as soon as I have that chance, it’s weird and funny in a good way that it always feel relieving. And the facts is, here me now, Home. or at least, it is, to me. There are so many memories that made here and there. A place that I recognize so damn well. You see, every time I was home and had some kinda short rides or just going out like last night, there always  many memories and flashbacks clinging on me.

And this what it supposed to be. Here, I always be remembered by countless fights and joyful moments with my family. Moreover, it has a place of where I first learned how to use a motorcycle, also a car. The first time, I try to go home by myself. well, it actually also the first time I learned the bus route. The first friendship I made years ago, and the others in the years after. The first city I ever discover. The same railway station that always be a proof how noisy me and my friends in every single time we wanted to go to Jogja for having fun. still, they are many more. Those I recalled memories.

How about the flashbacks that haunting me? haha, haunting is a bad choice of words, I know. but I have to say, countless. Like the route I always passed every morning to go to school. Most of them were in a hurry-mode-on. The first ever incident I experienced with motorcycle which is still horrifying to bear in mind. My junior high’s life which filled with bunch of courses made me get used to be home really late at night ever since. don’t think bad about it. and, yes, that kebab I usually came over after my courses was done. that crazy, easily-mad-old-man I met on the bus just because I brought my helmet and he said it disturbed him. silly. I also have that favorite place to have some steaks with my closefriends. a long time ago. that spot where I almost got my first traffic ticket-if you know what I mean-, but in an unbelievably luck, I managed to run away from those cops. that dangerous railway-or maybe it just for me-, which once got myself slipped. And, still, there are many more.

Just like when my friends left me with a crazy talking girl, that’s how I called a passionately noisy person. really some friends they are, huh? And then, there, my first crush which I think still last until now. Talk about crush, I remember the day I became a kinda-crazy-stalker. Blame the whole things to my friends, haha. they convinced me well enough to do all those thing of which I normally-in a sober brain-will never did that. ever. haha, a pleasant memory to remember though.

All those memories and flashbacks once ever be things that I’ve been through. Those were not always nice, but remember an old proverb that stated “See only good things in life and say no to any negative tone and Idea and you will only see blessings in life“. So, I refuse to bother myself with such stuffs. Negativity breeds more negativity. When you focus only on the negative, obviously that’s all you will see. You will not seek out positivity, and even when positivity comes into your life, you’ll look for the negative side of things. But, as I see, it will always remain there. Not to be forgotten, but to be learned. Because all values are important, everyone who has ever touched my life in some way was a mentor for good or bad. Life is a blend, and a person is a blend of all the influences that have touched their lives.

Well, all I can say is, Life is so great that we only get a tiny moment to enjoy everything we see. Cliche as it sounds, life is short. Therefore, enjoy things while you can, cause there is no guarantee that it will ever happen again. I look forward to those unpredictable yet unforgettable moments, or else, if they chose not to show up, I’ll create it myself. I have an intention to make my life as precious as possible.

Last but not the least, talk about home again. Well, my hometown is maybe not as big as the city I used to live recently. Maybe not as famous as well. but, still, it can’t and won’t change the fact that I miss my hometown. Missing it rhythm, day and night. the traffic. the people and their warmth. And, yeah, it will eternally be the place I adore the most.



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