That Little Heart Attack

20 Oct

Again. Another post with random thoughts 
Still the same me, the same random musics, the exact time as usual. And the moon still up there, with those sparkling stars. What different is that now I have boyfriend, truly wish it would lasts happy till the end. Yep, wishes do come true, and I too wish the same 

This is gonna be a short posting (maybe). This is also has something to do with my special circumtances. My relationship. Let’s start first with a fact that I’m a girl. But never be those who love to speak up or telling the world about what’s happening. Yes, I do love to talk, about everything but my problems. Not even once I have any intention to letting people understand deep enough, no matter how close we are, no matter how care they are to me. Cause u know what? People tend to not keeping secrets nowadays. Considering the consequences, I prefer on writing or blogging. That way, somehow, I feel like saving my life from unimportant issues and unnecessary worries. Tell me if I was wrong *wink*

Now, here come directly to my point. you know that feeling when your boyfriend told you about their achievements and suddenly felt sooo excited when hearing his stories? And then, when you ask back about it, he answer it with the same satisfying expression, but add some thing like a statement that how hard he try to tell you, it would be a waste of time, because you wont understand their saying? Or maybe something else, more and less? Even when he didn’t meant it that way, but still, there is chance to get disturbed by his statement. For me? I had this sudden urgent to snap him out and tell him “if you bother to explain me the things that you think I wont EVER understand, then I would be soooo glad for listening to every single words you say!” LOL I dont mean to overreact or something.. it just.. I just willing to feel the joy he was feeling. Wrong? I don’t think so.

Well.. what to say. Every people has their own point of interest. Eventhough, I kinda feel bothered by the way he responded my respond, I never think it such a big deal. I love him, of course I do. Maybe there are few things that we dont share on perfectly same thoughts. Internal conflicts seems possible to happen, but there is always a way to solve it. to understand it also. Now, I got the feeling of him, of how different we are, but somehow, we stick together. And the way to make it works is getting know him much and much and much better.

End of this post, pray for us, will ya? 



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