It’s my playlist. Not my feeling.

12 Nov

I have a condition and one question. If I like to listen to a song, and then someone came to my life, and both of us used to continuously using that song to express feeling between each other, and then because of something, we aren’t together anymore but I still love to hear the same song, occasionally, will you expect that I always unconditionally trying to remember that once-used-to-be-special-person? my answer? A BIG NO-NO. to be honest, if someone think of me to be that way, then you surely have no one to blame but yourself.

Unfortunately, I’m not the type of girl who likely to refer a song to someone. if I happen to like a song, simply because that song is good. yeah, maybe there are songs which come to my knowledge because the person I used to be with is likely to listen it constantly. but, still, every single songs that finally listed in my playlists are always depend to the quality of the song itself. I wont ever force myself to get used with something that doesn’t interests me, even if someone close to me, a.k.a near and dear to my heart, highly recommends it. and once I find some interesting songs, I don’t care how much weird it is, I have no doubt to play it on public places.

So? that way, you can tell how much I kinda feel disturbed by people or some friends who constantly hear me playing some specific songs and purposely say something like I’m the one that haven’t move on from someone that they clearly refer to.

hey!! that song have been in my playlist for ages. so what? I don’t need a special circumstances to play it. I listen simply because I want to.

due to their statements, I would gladly stating my opinion, also. honestly, those people were the one that still can’t get over the facts that the man-they-refer-to’s part has already over. and they were the one who kept reminding me about the past.

I’m not saying that I forget what was happening in the past, I just continue my life. I realize no one yet nothing is truly lasting forever. I do appreciate everyone who make me the way I am today. I granted their companies as a precious lesson for me. and everything else as memories. that’s it. an old proverb that says, when will you go straight forward? when will you find your own way to be success? when will you find a happy ending if you kept looking to what already happened back then?




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