Morning, cielito lindo :)

8 Jan
January 8, 2013. 02.40
Just wake up. And had headache for the first time this week.

Yap, here it is, the first day of my 19th. And I dont think I have notice anything different about today. Oh right, I just had a super-early-morning-wake-up-call haha and several greeting texts, before and after. Not a pleasant way to wake up, I might say, especially after you had a night out the night before. Successfully disturb my peaceful sleep, but either way, it had me smile for the very first time of the day 🙂 and I dont mind it at all. At least I can still enjoy today, one more day that Allah grants me, which I should be grateful for. The before-dawn-air, a blanket, a cup of hot tea with honey (of course haha), and then on to listen some songs. A pretty good start.

With my birthday and the New Year so stacked together, not to mention the almost end of my on-going-semester, I always find myself reflecting, musing on this day of what the year has been like. The highs. The lows. And I take time to hope and dream of the next year or this year or the year of 2013, whatever you may call it. To connect to my soul’s desire.


 And I ask question. Lots of them. What’s most alive in me? What’s been the story of my life? The story of the year? The nature of the assault on my heart this year? What themes have run through the tapestry of my soul this year? What has Allah been up as He has continued to paint on the canvas of me?

How have I lived well this year? In what ways have I only existed, failing to live fully in the dimensions of my life? Where I have experienced the depths of His grace and the sweetness of His mercy? Where have I shut the door when he beckoned me to enter? Where have I freely opened my hands to receive His work in my heart?

Sounds lame, boring to you, huh? Haha but I get so-used to do it, and that routine makes my a-year-life looks worthy. I can see on what points that need improvements, and which one should be left as experiences. So if I reflect on 2012, I’d say my 17th-years-old’s life is good. Not with significant challanges but good. Satisfying. And I soothe the child in my heart with the deep goodness of God and of those who love me and cheer me on to keep changing.

Enough with the rambling…

Soooo.. I have not decided what do I want to do today. Unfortunately, during my college years, the January 8th always on an exam week and it means there is still a long way to go before holiday. Yet, fortunately, because of some conditions, I wont have any exam until Thursday. Actually, I do have one for today at 10 am, but due to the “jarkom” I received, the exam will be postponed until Friday. It means I will have extra free hours on my own. Some wattpad’s time wouldn’t hurt, I think. Haha. FYI, I stop doing it for such a long time (side story: my mom made me agreed not to check, open, or do anything with it unless I was in a long-term holiday, so did harvest moon and sims city – the things that I easily addicted to). What to say, she is the boss LOL. Ahh yes, almost forget, the “suki” :9 I would like to have the taste of that in the end of today 😀 haha

There are two things left to complete this day. First, the bet I made just a moment ago. Well, it’s about TWO not-so-important-acts and likely to be an easy stuffs to do. But dare him to do that? Ahh, I dont think so haha 🙂 the second thing? None of your corcerns 😉 let it be my own little secret heee

In the end, today will be just like another day, any day in a year. But I still be thankful for every joy, blessing, and for life that Allah gave me. For family who always support me, no matter what; and for people around me who has teach me lots of new lessons, who has critized and corrected me whenever I insist to do something silly or stupid haha. and for that one special person 🙂 thanks.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday for Me!! All the best for me and you guys :3 gotta sleep asap -__-



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