March 15, 2013

15 Mar

Listening to someone singing random songs. In an extremely good mood though.

Well.. All the writing below is mere for some reasons that I made it personally. grammar error is consider as unnoticed on this-one-hour-instant-writing. Haha.

There is people saying that “Life is easy”. a quote in bahasa that state “kecil dimanja, muda foya-foya, tua kaya raya, mati masuk surga” make it sounds more convincing. And a lot- yes, a LOT- of people dreaming their life to be that way. And I strongly believe some of you who read this, do- or at least, ever did- have the same thought in your head before.

unfortunately, everything in life never happened to be that way, at least not that easy. One thing for sure, life always unpredictable. None of normal people even has any idea of their own death nor tomorrow or the day after it, yeah normal people like me. Haha.

I’m not gonna say that my life is the easiest one, because, of course, I had that the low of time. nor the hardest one cause there is always sunshine after the worst storm. I won’t deny about having bad times, and also that it happened a lot of time along my journey of life. And whenever it happens, the situation usually becomes more complicated since a major problem always followed by another major problems and, in addition, several minor conflicts that somehow exist. So as you can imagine, all of them occurred in one time and in that time, seems like no way to solve it. no escape route. no one to depend on. nothing. It worsening as the clock is ticking. Like sitting on a time-bomb while you have no ability to take care of it. you have no idea what to do, yet have no power to run away, because you are tied up there. The result is the same, you’ll end up having a hard time even just to take a breathe. No, before you say “I know”, I truly suggest you to experience it on ur own. Just then, you can tell me that you definitely understand what I’m talking about.

And after that, just when I start thinking that particularly nothing in my life will ever working on, because everything always ensued in a freaking wrong way and developed a new potential of problem, God proves that I was wrong and shows me the otherwise. A moment of extraordinary realization as every inch of my burdens resolved in some ways that I never imagined before that it would be just that simple. To make a long story short, since that moment, every single thing seem be better and better. In the end, I don’t even have any idea of what kind of problems I’ve been worried before. My life start to feel so perfectly fine. And everything work on the right terms. I dunno if you don’t believe on miracle. But, yes I do believe.

This kind of thing constantly happen. Every beginning in the part of my story is not always a good one to start with. Not to mention about the process which is though and sometimes seems impossible to keep going. But, I have faith. I believe that God will never give problems more than one can possibly handle. It’s easy to give up and tough to fight. For me, to keep survive no matter the situation is always be the best choice. There’s a purpose for the good and for the bad. Both of them are lesson to learn and to experience in order to grow up.

End of this post, all you guys need to know and to believe is that things will happen in your life that you can’t stop. Battle it out and you’ll be surprised how much you can do.

P.S. Everyone has a right to experience their own happy ending. Have faith.



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