To believe or not to believe

19 Mar

March 19, 2013. 03.45
Listening to Remembered by Bboss, A river flows in you by Yiruma, and Possibilities by Freddie Stroma. One big cup of hot tea, with honey, of course.


To believe or not to believe.

The hardest part is to decide which one you’ll prefer to do. To believe or not to believe. In a manner of speaking, I’m not talking in religious POV. But more into logical senses. In our society, we get used to know people from their first appearances, their attitude also. Then, naturally our sense will tell us whether they can be trust. or not. Like many people said, first impression always–or mostly–matter the most especially to someone we just met. when I talk about first impression, I refer to anything that your eyes can see, the first thing you notice just like the way they dress up, how they choose the words that flows out from their mouth, etc.

Yes, I do know. You were saying everyone had–maybe–a totally different personality, something more than eyes can see. Better had known someone in the first place before judging about what kind of person they are. But still, if you’re saying that you didn’t start to categorize people at the very first time you lay your eyes on them, then, there is higher chance you were lying.

Well, the story began. Two days ago, I was going home a little bit late. Around 10 pm. In my way home, I pay a visit to gas station so that I dont run out of fuel in the morning. Done with it, and I was waiting to cross the street when someone call from behind. A figure of one young, little girl. Followed by an old woman who carry a baby in one hand and little boy in the other hand. As they came closer, I start to wonder whether I had done something wrong or perhaps they just need some helps. So I decide to wait, without turn the engine off. Just in case they had bad intention. Who knows, right?

Can you guess what will happen next, huh? Well, one of my thought before had proven right. they did ask for a help. a help as in help the little girl to buy a uniform. If I’m not mistaken, the price is about one hundred and twenty thousands rupiahs. Just like in a reality show. And here is where the question took place. To believe or not to believe.

Ever heard about news reported kids were rent by adults to help them do these kind of stuffs? Or the news showed a big group of people who begging yet they do it professionally and it turns out that they have one or two cars, a big house, and had much bigger fund compare to moderate people? I did. More than one time. Sadly, it is the reality in our society. The purpose is money. To differentiate between the one who truly need it and them who dont, is one thing many people failed of doing. Me? well, I have to say, the act was convincing. But I somehow doubt them. First, they are too nicely dressed. Secondly, I have a strong feeling, for some reasons I cannot explain, that the kids wasn’t even belong to the old woman. Plus, I do not like the way she treated them.

Lemme pinpoint this. Im not suggest you not to help people who lives in that kind of condition. But, world today is different, like in extremely opposite compared to years or decades ago. You now are aware that human today live under funny – not to say ‘strange’ – circumtances. To believe on the right people is one challenge. Sometimes, there are persons who begging not because they have no choice to do that, but more likely because of lack of the ability to do anything else. Perhaps the lack of willingness also. And they come to realize that begging money or things to other is one easiest way to gain money. Even though, the reality is that they still capable of doing much better things for living. Was it a laziness? Or another wrong mindset, perhaps? I dunno. Depend to whom you ask.

Partially, the way you answer the question “to believe or not to believe”and the reasons behind it is all up to you. You have a full right to decide which one you can give your trust to. And I suggest you to decide wisely. 🙂 




One Response to “To believe or not to believe”

  1. tiaraahadian April 5, 2013 at 5:07 am #

    Satu tips kalau benar-benar ingin membantu orang-orang seperti mereka: langsung saja beri apa kebutuhannya. Kalau mereka bilang ingin beli sepatu, belikan sepatu, jangan beri mereka uang. Kalau mereka ingin sekolah, beri mereka sekolah. Nice point, De!


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