Tourism vs Local People

1 Apr

April 1st, 2013. 01.31 am.

Listening to Yiruma songs. also Black Star & Remember When by Avril Lavigne. Tired but cannot sleep.

I think it start to become a habbit of mine whenever I awake in the dawn, especially around this time, then I am up for a glass of hot chocolate or a big cup of hot tea, and in a sudden, having this kind of mood to write about something. or just anything. Haha.

I still dont know where to begin, so maybe I will just tell you about a story by confessing something. well, one or two weeks ago, I decided to skip all of my class in one day. Yeah, actually I only had one class for that day and it was still the beginning of my 6th term, so I simply think it would be fine. I mean, many of my friends doing the same things eventhough for different reason, right? cmiiw. Haha

My reason for skipping class is because I already had plan to accompany one of my friend to go around in Semarang. Besides both of us, there are two other friends who is literally lived in Semarang since they were kids (local people). The destination of the day is one of the landmark of Semarang itself, the famous Lawang Sewu. I’m sure many of you have heard about this place somewhere. In english, Lawang Sewu can be translated as “a thousand doors”, because the building has sooooo many doors for normal people to count and they simply think that it has thousand doors.

To be said that citizen is must be the one who knows basically everything about their own city, was a missunderstood concept. Some of local people, I mean others friends from Semarang, say that Lawang Sewu will be opened by 11am or something. and because of the lack of trusted information, we believe them. FYI, I look for another source by visiting its website and there said the place open daily from 7am to 12pm. Later, it turns out that the website is right and the informations there are all up to date. Haha.

Sooo, it was still around 8am and we believe on what my friends said, we decide to have breakfast first in one of famous fast food restaurant, not far from Lawang Sewu. We chat about particularly nothing at all. Yep, you know, that girl talks which mainly about boys lol 😉 while waiting for breakfast, we also wait for the 5th person who still on the way. After that, we directly go to Lawang Sewu.

Lawang Sewu – in the afternoon

As in usual tourist place, there is an entry fee that we have to pay. The amount is ten thousands rupiahs for one person. And start from here, the story began. Done collecting money from everyone, I give it to the woman who did the administration. Then she offered us a tour-guide with an additional price. A really warm and good service, I think. I see the guide already stand beside the woman and smile to us. But consider that some of us have been in Lawang Sewu more than once and practically know almost every corner from the building, except the underground prisons of course, we turn down their offers. besides it’s expensive to pay that price for something we already know.

Well, after we say no, the woman start to convince us that this building is confusing and say something like the building is on a reparation and we aren’t allowed to entry without the tour guide, yet we can get lost in there or something. at that time we just laugh and being polite, we say thank you. And guess what? Since that time, they especially the tour guide kinda belittle us. And talk to another guide something about local people in such a not good tone. And even the woman say, “okay, it’s up to you!”. We try not to listen on them, try not to mind that at all. In fact, all of us remain calm till we reach for the entry door. All we see is most of the tour guides sit in front of it and the door was closed. I mean, I saw many people go in before and it was OPEN! Damn. Fortunately, we managed to get in from the exit way.

To be honest, I feel disappointed. I mean, I was satisfied with their services at first. They give choices, warm greeting, certain prices in the ticket box, clean environment, and they are also nicely dressed. But in the end, their attitudes change just because we decide not to use one of their services.

My point is, is that obvious that a tourism place is a public area that anyone can visit freely as long as they pay the entry fee and do not caused any harm to the place? Beside that, the only different treatment that a tourism place allowed to do, between local people and international visitor, mere the amount of entry fee they must pay and the language used, the rest must be equal.

Unfortunately, the implementation in the real life itself is not happen to be that way. our society tend to be more impressed with foreigner and look down to the local people. I dont know why. it just happen. especially, when it comes to the tourism activities, more than once.

Was it bad attitude? Was it lack of experiences and training? I can only guess.



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