Friendship, the way I say it.

4 May

Today is Saturday. May 4th, 2013. At 20.45 o’clock to be exact.  Sitting and wondering many things in KFC at Pandanaran Street, Semarang.

I was hanging out with some friends. Talking about nothing in particularly. Joking almost about everything. Definitely not in a mood to make any writing.I was enjoying the conversation, at least, until I get disturbed by some people. Then I open note application in my phone, and start to type.

Friend is mean to be entertain our self in good circumstances, also to stand by us in unpleasant one. A friend supposed to be one kind of people who understand us better than anyone else outside our families. Someone once told me that a good friend is someone who will laugh when s/he sees us fall and still laugh by the time s/he help us to stand up. That’s the simplest definition I always had about friend. A comfortable and safe way to describe it.

In some friendships, it consider as normal to become an annoying kind of friend, yet without these kind of friends, friendships will be taste plain. But then again, there is difference between being annoying and doing harassment. One person has different capacity of accepting sarcastic joke compared to another.

That thing is not an easy task to do, beside you have to dig deeper on one’s personality to completely understand what kind of person s/he is. How well s/he managed to accept and to react on such things? And a lot more. The process itself isn’t measurable. It might be decades or years or months. It depends on many things, like the personality of each person or the culture they had or how the friendship started. Something I can tell you is that it’s not impossible and it’s your job as her/his friends to do that.

My point is, it’s okay to be annoying to your friends on running the friendship. It’s also  accepted to throw such a sarcastic joke as something to cheer your friendship up. It’s not a bad thing to have attitudes like that. In fact, you’ll have more interesting friends to hang out with by having that kind of attitude. The most important part for you to understand is that you have to be aware of what stage did someone finally reach their limit to accept such attitude. That’s it.

Will the annoying kind be the only issue here? In a manner of speaking, No! It’s not. There is also another issues as in to deal with the I-always-be-the-first-to-know-everything-that-happen-in-my-society-and-also-yours-and-always-do-better-things-than-the-best-you-have-done’s type. I don’t know with yours, but based on my experience I had before, a person who has attitude like that is consider to be a person who never be convenient enough to have conversation with. Whatever topics we talked about, whoever persons we gossip about, s/he will always say that s/he knows it already. Did s/he be honest? may God only knows.

I don’t know whether this one is include in one’s personality or just part of their attitude only. But still, to deal with this type is quite something. Imagine this situation. You are finally success on doing something that you’ve been trying for almost two weeks. Then, when you go out with your friends, you tell them how you finally did that, you tell them how happy you to be able to do that on your own, and also how amazing it feels by the time you finished it. Overall, you are being overly happy and willing to share that happiness with them. Then one of your friend directly say to you that your achievement is nothing compared to his/hers. That s/he has done something waaaaayyyy better than you, not just one, but many times in the past. What do you feel at the time? Slowly but sure, a dimmed efforts.

For your own sake, its better if you make some comments in purpose to criticize them based on your experiences than to overboard that you DO HAVE a better one. That way, you wont instantly killed their happiness and make them regret for telling you and for sharing it with you.

In the end of this post, I would like to say that none of you should forbid persons who have such attitude and personality. No, definitely not. I was just showing you there is people who tend to do things like that. I’m sure that some of you have the same type of friends I mentioned before, or maybe some of you are consider as one. Well, it doesn’t matter. This is our world. This is your world. You, basically, can live in your own world or you might bother letting other people to live in there with you. You have right and you are free to choose.



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