Treat Yourself Like You Would Treat Your Friend

20 Sep

I fail to see, how somewhere along the way, us women got it in our heads that it was o.k. to treat ourselves much worse than we would treat our friends. Why is it all right to treat our friends with kindness and respect, yet we constantly berate ourselves? Let’s think about a situation:

Let’s say your friend was giving a presentation at a conference about Anthropology. She did all right, but you’ve heard her do it much better. She comes down from the stage, and afterwards you and her are driving home when she breaks down and says she feels like she did terribly. What would you tell your friend? What would you tell yourself in that situation?

If we had done what our friend had done, we would tell ourselves we were terrible people and that we had completely messed it up and that what we were doing didn’t make any sense and that we were basically one big failure. Is there any way you would tell your friend that? Of course not! Because you respect your friend. You would tell her that it wasn’t actually that bad, and you would hug her and point out what she did all right and tell her that there is another conference coming up soon and you bet she will kick butt at that one.

Wait a moment.

Why is your friend deserving of more respect then you? I’ll give you a hint: she isn’t. But somewhere along the way, we have decided that we are less important than other people. That you don’t deserve the same kind of respect we give our friends. This is such a flawed perception of everything.

Have high regard for yourself. Be your own best friend. ~Leon Nacson

So my mission to you is this: Treat yourself with the same kindness and dignity and respect you show other people. You are not any better or any worse of a person then your friend. You both deserve respect because you are equally important, wonderful, and vivacious women.

Now act like it! 🙂



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