It’s Shanghai: Chapter 4

27 Oct

“There is something seriously sexy about The Bund. Lovely, grand, historic buildings line the decedent waterfront of the Huangpu River affording an old-world charm, albeit European, to the “Paris of the Orient”.

Nicole, from Minnesota.

If you check on my previous post, I already told you about The Bund. A Shanghai’s famous symbol for more than 100 years. As a landmark of Shanghai, the Bund is a must for visitors who come to Shanghai, especially those who only had a short-visit-time. It is a good place to start to know about this amazing city. The Bund is the long corridor of Shanghai. It shows the culture of Shanghai and the creation of modern civilization to people. In a short sentence, The Bund is a definite MUST SEEN!

The first chance I visit The Bund was in the noon to spend almost all of my afternoon there. The view of Pudong district from across the Huangpu River was spectacular, I must admit. I think I have a good time there. That was one time and for me, it was enough. Later, it turns out that I was totally wrong.

Anyway… since the conference started, I barely had any free time, like in seriously. The conference was running in a tight schedule. It looked like they already planned everything out, right from I woke up until the bed time. The breakfast time, group discussion time, tea break and lunch, field-trip, dinner, also entertainment time at night, well… I think you get the picture, right? Hahaha I once joked about this to some Chinese friends I made back there on the conference, about how the committee successfully accommodate almost all of our time the whole day yet tend not to forget about “the fun” part. They just laughed and joked back “that is Shanghai’s conference style” Lol honestly, I don’t mind to go through these “Shanghai’s conference style” once more 😀 it was sure tiring but also refreshing and fun at the same time.

It was at lunch break that I finally had a proper conversation with various people from different groups (yep, we were divided into five group with five different topics) and most of people talked about the possibilities of going out to some places or just anywhere at night. While everyone seems pretty excited on participating in the discussion, I just sit there listen quietly and started to take note in my mind about the destination they talked about. Lol it’s not like I don’t want to join the conversation or something, but I was that type of person who tend to zip their mouth when they were extremely enjoying a really delicious meal. In another word, I was stunned. And cannot perform the action of speaking other than complement the food taste which, I was sure of, was not the main topic to talk about from most people in the table that time. My only regret is that I have no name to tell you with, because I don’t know the food myself and that I forget to ask about it *sigh*.

Sooo.. This was it. There were two plans made, with the same destination, The Bund, mere on the different day.  It seems like the best suggestion compared to the other places considering we will be going at night. The plan was simple. Go directly to there and spend as long as we can, also perhaps do some shopping, then go back. We got some advises to pick a bus from in front of the university instead of using subway. The reason? They said it was the most efficient way since our intention is merely to enjoy The Bund at night.


waiting at the bus stop

The bus stop is nothing like the subway station. A much simple one, just a space with bus stop’ sign on it. But you wouldn’t miss it, for sure, because it is easy to notice. It took approximately 15 minutes to find a bus with certain number (the number showed in the bus define its route) and another 25 minutes to reach our destination. All of us kept the conversation to minimal as we busy to pay more attention to everything outside the bus, that was, at least, until the view of The Bund began to appear in our sight. And it was….gorgeous.


View from inside the bus


Beautiful, sparkling buildings in The Bund area

 To see The Bund at night, made me see that place in a new, different perspective. Yes, The Bund is an incredible sight during the day. Yet at night, it was sparking beautiful place. For a few hours when all the lights are turned on (from about 7pm til 10pm) it is like a sparkling memory from centuries ago. Like a fairy tale in the middle of Shanghai. The modern city truly comes alive at night. Shanghai has gone through extensive development over the past century and The Bund, a walkway lining the west bank of Huangpu River, has become a hallmark of development and growth in China. After evenings, the buildings across the river light up with vibrant neon colors transforming Shanghai into a city of lights.


Night time at The Bund: Huangpu River Sightseeing Cruises 1

Night time at The Bund: Huangpu River Sightseeing Cruises 2

The amazing view of Pudong skyline from across the Huangpu River at night. Marvelous!

A hectic cruises’ night. Beautiful, just beautiful.

From the side I was standing, I could distinguish between the very different east and west banks. The west bank is rife with skyscrapers and colorful lights. On the side of tall buildings, images were flashing about every minute or so. At one point, the image even transformed to say “I heart SH”. The east bank, however, is marked by western-style architecture such as the Peace Hotel and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Both of these banks are truly different in character and style.

 Due to the limited time I had back there and the fact that I went there in a group (there are few things each of us want to do, but we don’t wish to separate), I did not get to experience the Sightseeing Cruises (Huangpu River cruises). Or Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. Both of them closed around 10pm, almost the same time as the light around The Bund turned off. A bit disappointed… but, hey! Perhaps this is just another excuse to come visit Shanghai again some times in the future, don’t you think? LOL right, sounds like a plan! 😀

me with friends, enjoying the night at The Bund

*more info:

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is currently connected Puxi Bund and Pudong Lujinzui two tourist areas and the most convenient combination of tourism and transport landscape tunnel. 360 degree fully transparent tunnel type cable car track, 6-channel High Definition audio with sound, light, electricity and other high-tech and fast-changing landscape composition, gave people a kind of immersive shock. Cost: 50 RMB.

Huangpu River Sightseeing Cruise is a must see for anyone visiting Shanghai. Best time to visit is after dark when all the buildings are lit up. There are many companies offering river cruises. They start around 100 RMB for a one hour tour (in June 2013) which is around US$16. But some might cost you about 250 RMB.



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