The First Week

5 Jan

January 5, 2014 • 23.45

Hi guys!

wow! It’s 2014 already! still feel like 2013 haha I kept mistaking writing the year in many occasions, you know like the usual thing happen when we soooo get used to write ‘2013’ instead of ‘2014’ LOL

Anyways, it’s been almost three months I haven’t had time to properly sit down and actually write something that worth posting here. And tonight, I just finished my big cup of black coffee which is now keeping my eyes open, so I decided to to something while waiting to fall asleep haha.

Sooooo.. How is anyone? Was your first week of 2014 interesting? Did you accomplish all the resolution you made last year? Have you made a new one for this year?

Apparently in my first week of 2014, I did have some fun days and a few lazy days. I crashed on a new year costume-party at a friend’s house until almost 5am in the morning and then watched a movie entitled “Internship” and got home around 8am or 9am. The party was soooooo FUN I felt like I had a 500% energy the whole night, yep it was that crazy with those crazy people, as always. Eventually, I had this kind of sore muscles that by the time my body get in touch with bed, it’s like an invisible shut-down button in my brain got pressed and in a sudden contact of something soft like my bed made me quickly fell asleep. Guess what? I woke up at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Yet I still felt very tired and sleepy. LOL. What a mess.

Throughout the party, there was a session where each people told how was their 2013 and started to list their next goals for 2014, or let’s say, their 2014’s resolutions. There were merely around 16 or 17 persons, many but not too much 🙂 It was a really good time, I felt like we got to know each other a waaaay closer than before. Besides, by doing the sharing like this, it will make other people aware of what kind of achievement you pursuing and these people can be reminder so that you won’t get off of the path you’ve planned since the beginning.

Alas, if you ask me what is my 2014’s resolution, I honestly still in the middle of nowhere to answer it. Til this moment, I have not think properly about it. Yet, I was pretty sure that to be more serious on college because it’ll be my last year, will definitely on the list. And maybe to do more exercises to get in a better shape, LOL. But the rest… well, still undecidedable. One thing for sure, it need to be done ASAP (as soon as possible).

Last but not the least. Just to let you guys know, the Shanghai series was not done yet. It still has a few more chapters to go, but til now I was waiting for several pictures from friends (most of them live in so many miles away, even in different continent, I can rely on email only) to wrap up the post, so that it doesn’t look too boring haha soooo… try to be patient!! 😀

P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR ALL OF YOUUUU!!! *blowing kiss* :*



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