Imagine My Imagination #1

6 Jan

Human with less imagination means lack of creativity.


You have done all the deeds of today. The sun still high in the sky and you decide to go home, taking some rest after. Everything look just as usual. A hectic and noisy traffic as usual. A hot-humming-sun create a lazy environment for all the living creature below it. A nice-friendly-middle-age-man in the newspaper’ stand greet you as you passing by. Just as usual. And then, home, bath, and sleep.

When you woke up, it’s already 7.30pm and you thought, “It was a really nice and the most peaceful sleep I ever had in the last two months.” Suddenly you remember about your-eight-o’clock- appointment with several friends. Well, better be hurry. Once you finish, you head straight to the door and check your phone for new texts. It seems like a peaceful evening after all. Wait. It’s too peaceful, too quite. And when you look up, you were never prepared to believe what you are seeing – which can be the most bizarre view ever in your life.

Later, it turns out that there were some kind of tornados hit the part of neighbourhood you live on which force everyone to evacuate to another safe places. Well, everyone but you. Apparently you woke up only a couples of minutes after the emergency situation were issued over, which make you to be the only living person who peacefully spent the whole evening without having to run for the sake of your own life. Yet, you still alive. Talk about luckiness.

P.S. Can you actually imagine that person as yourself? How will you react on that situation? Well, if it was me, I probably will contact some newspapers and tell them about it. Hey! Something amazing happen to you, right? LOL just kidding



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