And When I See Them, I Smile

8 Jan

Life is just…well…life. The only sentence that seems perfectly describe it was “It goes on“. Yes, nothing is constant when it comes to it. Every single thing always change, most of times without me even realized it. And today, all of sudden, I was officially 20-not-something years old. Nothing is extraordinary about it. It’s not like I’ll be having two heads or such stuffs anytime soon hahaha lame joke, I know. More likely to be something that every person in this earth gone through each year. Or in another word, today will be just like any other day, with a usual 24 hours to deal with.

But, the thing is that today, when it was just like any other day, it somewhat become a reminder. A reminder to look back, to reflect on all aspects of my life for the last 19 years. And the most important is, to start asking questions to myself. Yep, a lot of it. What have I gained from my whole life? Have I done enough impact – a good one – to anyone around me, especially those who happen to cross path with mine? Have I live the way I’ve been planning to live on since I was much younger? How determined I was on achieving the goals I’ve set before? Was the amount of positivity big enough to make me stay happy and content no matter what happen in my life? How many time I do the right move and also the wrong one? And so on. And so on.

Oftentimes, I admit that the decisions I made back then have good impacts and some have bad one. There are always consequences I gotta take. It was life after all. Frankly, after such a deep-yet-relaxing reflection time, those consequences happened in the past is a welcome relief to know that I was brave enough to actually make my own decision. Henceforth, it mere turns out to be worthy lessons that re-shape and re-create me to be a better person that I am now. A wiser and stronger version I hope. Then again, at this very moment, what truly matter to me is the present time, as in where am I today, also whom I willingly spend my time with. The people in my inner circle. Which basically consist of my family and several-other-special people I call best friends. My best friends. Person with a power to make me laugh even when I have no willingness to smile. And only for that, I feel grateful for everything that I have and for everything that I don’t have. Thanks for the friendship and companionship given.



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