The Pouring Rain: To Whom It May Concern

15 Jan

“Damn! It’s raining.”

“OMG. My car get washed yesterday and its raining already?!”

“I hate it when rain making my dress soaking wet like this!”

“It’s raining, we can’t go outside. It sucks!”

“Rain always show up in the wrong time.”

“The show was cancelled due to rain. God is being mean!”

“Rain totally ruin my plan!”


It’s been raining non stop since the last two days. Whether it’s at seven in the morning or nine at night. It’s just unpredictable. Yet, if it’s unpredictable, it could be a threat to ones plans. A sudden change of plan don’t usually sounds like a happy news, huh?

As if it can’t be any clearer, we can easily figure out that there are people out there who hate rain. There are also people who love it. Galileo’s theory of duality seems applicable in this. Dark and light. Man and woman. Everything has its opposite, just like the feeling toward rain. Some curse it, some crave for it. However, I was neither. Never was and, I think, never will.

Yes, rain has let me down more then I can count. Like when it made some plans cancelled, make a good effort on dress, shoes, and mood go to waste. Make my clothes wet and dirty after got splashed by some random-high-speed-motorcycle. Make me late for classes. Make everything become wet and slippery. Better to say, I tend to blame on rain whenever something goes wrong while it happen to be raining outside. Don’t we all? Haha

Putting the blame on rain is effortless. Well, you’re not literally hurting anyone feeling, right? And the best part? It didn’t shout back. And it won’t get angry. Sadly but true, the effortlessness of blaming rain, unconsciously, had put us on believing that rain is nothing but annoying. Then our subconscious mind start to create a black spot on the paper of “rain goodness”. A small one at one time, then another small black spot, then another one, another and another. Until all of sudden, we become ungrateful of God’s blessing, named “RAIN”.

Recalling several months back in the beginning of 2013, I was doing a winter project with AIESEC. That day was just another routine on visit an orphanage with some exchange participants (EP). I was there with four EP (from China, Russia, Taiwan, and Bahrain). Just by the time our activities and session was done and we headed to our vehicle, the sky was pouring with rain. I remember saying something like “damn! it’s raining!”

I was upset. Tired and upset. And famished. Yep, I hadn’t had any meal since morning other than a glass of milk. So there I was, staring at the heavy rain while feeling upset, tired and famished. That’s it…..until someone beside me said “It’s not ‘damn, it’s raining’. it’s ‘thanks God, it’s raining’.” And just like that, she put down her backpack, put off her shoes, and start walking toward the open space. Play with the rain.

Her name is Muneera, from Bahrain.

Later in the day, she laughed and stated, “there is no rain in my country. I’m glad I have the chance to experience one in here. I think that is my first rain.”

Her statement is nowhere near to purposely insult me. Yet I felt like being slapped right in the face. Indeed, rain is a blessing. It’s always a blessing. I was just ungrateful enough to not always put that in mind and sort of forget it lately. Rain does serve a higher purpose than just to care of our complains. The purposes itself benefit human, both directly and indirectly. In short term and long term. In the end, rain ask nothing in return.

It’s almost a year after that day. Oftentimes, the rain still make me cancel my plan, make my jacket and jeans totally wet and dirty, and even make me sick. Just as I want to start blaming rain, I found myself think about her and her no-rain-country-condition, her smile and also what she said. Then I decided. NO, rain isn’t a problem, let’s just wear the raincoat.



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