At Some Points In Life, It Does Happen

18 Mar

No matter how good you are, you cannot always win someone else’s trust. Well, you just can’t. Trusting someone needs time. Most of times, a lot of it. The main thing of making someone into truly believing you is patient. Keep done the good deeds and always stay in their good book. It means to also keep your behaviour and your speaking attitude can really help.

In the contrary, for some rare time, there might be some anomaly for this situation. No one can deny it though, even the weather has anomaly hahaha. Few people say that there is a point where they completely trust another with their lives. Well, scientists said there is possibilities it could be happen. For example, after one have triggered a extraordinary-soul shocking event, it have been proven that people who got to know for the first time in that kind of situation tend to have deeper connection at a level that even years or decades of friendships cannot reach it, because a stronger feeling were involved in the process of knowing the new person. Simply to said, when the brain and the feeling work together to memorize something, the impact is always awesome.

It cost me one missing appointment and one rainy day to meet him. Not to mention, under some strange circumstances. An awkward laugh was shared. A small chat. Few blunt yet random questions were asked. It just like another normal first meeting. The conversation continued to flow in the fear that the silence can bring no good for us. Trying to feel more comfortable around each other. Trying to figure out the best way to understand and to know where to put the line between each others. As the tea were poured, things get a little bit more civilized between us. Yes, it still awkward compared to a friend to friend’s hangout. But well, it was an improvement alright.

It took me one month of constant meeting to realize that things started to get comfortable around us. Feeling comfortable to be around other company. He started to throw jokes and I started to laugh more. Not the awkward kind of laugh, but a nice one. Both of us began to talk anything in our minds out of the sake to keep talking. The silence that few times grew were not the one that feel weird. It was feeling more and more like a comfortable silence. Although it consider rude to stare at someone, it didn’t feel like it was inappropriate when the eye contacts were made. And well… I admit that I no longer feel embarrassed when I catch him staring at me. To be honest, I find it kind of cute somehow.

If you were asking my current state of thoughts, or maybe just wondering about it, I enjoy this encounter but I don’t know though how things will progress in the future time. I mere like this situation. Grateful of how it turns out like now. At the point where I can just speaking anything without afraid being told as noisy or being judged.

So, what do you guys think? Shall I expect more from this? Gimme your thoughts!



One Response to “At Some Points In Life, It Does Happen”

  1. yukidaze88 March 18, 2014 at 3:02 am #

    let the feeling grow, let it ruin your day, disturbing your night, and give you some strenght to start something new. You know, life is like a roadtrip, enjoy each day, don’t expect things too much, and don’t carry too much baggage.. kkk~ my lovely friend has falling for someone~ :’)


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