Life On The Just And Unjust

2 Apr

When were young we see this world as this safe, beautiful place, where no one and nothing can hurt us, where everyone is good, and everything is wonderful. It’s as if we view life as it really is, a gift, which we should never ever take for granted. Our eyes are wide open.

As we get older, we sometimes forget what’s really important. We tend to see only what we want to see, and believe what we want to believe. We forget about kindness, and love and respect. Sometimes, instead of seeing the good in ourselves and others, we tend to only look for the negative. We are so focused on judging others, when really were just judging ourselves. We tend to become more stubborn and set in our ways, that we forget to listen.

I believe, that as human beings we should never forget what is really valuable in life. Always look at the big picture. We should never forget who we really are. The person we once were is the same person we are today. Just older, and wiser. Don’t forget about that little girl or boy who used to smile over eating vanilla ice cream cones, building forts in their backyard with their friends, or playing with their dolls and dressing up as a princess, or a cowboy.

We grow older, and everything isn’t as new, or exciting as it used to be. We’re not always that happy person we were when we were young. We suddenly have responsibilities and stress takes over our lives. Our environment and situations change. We begin to see the world as this scary place. Suddenly the world doesn’t seem as welcoming as it once was. As I am getting older, I finally realize that we can view the world in a negative or positive way. The experiences we encounter throughout our lives, aren’t always pleasant.

We grow older, and life doesn’t seem so perfect or ideal as it once was. We can choose how we deal with our experiences. Their will be people we meet in our lives that will come and go. Everyone we meet in our life is a part of our journey, every single one. Because the people we encounter becomes a part of us, becomes a part of who we are. They teach us about ourselves, yet sometimes we are too blind to see it. We are all connected to each other, we are all apart of the same thing.

Life is so very precious, it is so very fragile. The internal beauty within ourselves, we see and feel all around us. For now on when I am having a bad or am stressed out about daily life, I will remind myself of that little girl who looked outward toward the universe with her eyes wide opened, and smiled. 🙂



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