Sharing Is Caring: Short Note on Picturing Your Life

6 Apr

I see it everyday no matter what site I am on. People posting about being depressed not being liked or just feel like they are worthless. I understand how you feel I was there once in my life as well. I just wanted to take the time to write a short piece on this subject.

I can’t imagine what life has been like for you. I cannot say that I completely understand because every story is different. I can’t say that the influences around will impact your life in a positive or negative way. I can tell you though that you’re not alone there are many more out there just like you. I think that it is very important to list all the positives in our lives and weigh them against the negative ones. I also believe if we focused more on the positive points in our lives the negative parts would not be there or you could find solutions to make them fully go away. Each person is different and with a different need. Not everyone is going to understand or be able to accept the situations.

You have to remember we are all human there are a lot of us out there that truly sincerely care about you and then there are those that wish to make others miserable. Look at the influences that surround you. Ask yourself whom are really your true friends and whom really supports, loves and cares about you and your well being. Look for things that could positively influence your life. Speak to your elders, turn to god, read books, join support groups. Just never give up on yourself there is always a way out no matter how deep your hole maybe. Just keep faith and believe in yourself and in infinite possibilities of the world.



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