How to Define My College Life

16 Jun

It has been late at night by the time I found myself sitting in front of my laptop and reading and commenting and laughing at the stuffs I write and my friends’ write. As simple as it sounds, the way we have been through to form our special conversation, our understanding of each-other-unspoken-joke was not a merely one-two years process. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of efforts. It takes a lot of trial and error moments.

Today is sixteenth of June in the year 2014. It is 23.12 o’clock. Someone asks me how I define my life in university. And I say, “ask them. just ask them, and listen to whatever they said.


credit: Retno Setyaningsih


Their answers might not be a brief one. They might not able to tell you the details. They might be telling you stuffs you dont even understand and you might ask “what? what? what?” or “can you explain again?” for over many times during their answers. Or else, they might not be able to tell you anything, simply because they cannot find the right words to tell you. Because one says that years of friendship is a lifetime of story telling. That no matter how many times you talk about it, no matter how long the story is, no one will ever get bored on telling it once again.

Friendship is like a fire all you need is one spark and you embark on one of life’s most beautiful journeys.


As many other stories that always start at one point, our stories started almost 4 (four) years ago, in our freshman year. until now. They were the people who watched me experiencing good moments also bad one. They were there when I took the wrong turn and being such a stubborn person that I once became. They witnessed me being heartbroken and also saw me doing that I-am-so-happy-that-I-dont-care-about-anything-else-anymore dance. Together we dance when we surrounded by a happy song. Enjoying the time while it lasts. Sometimes I tripped and they laugh on my silliness, but in the end, they always be the person who help me up. Offering their hands, hugging me, and comforting meas the best they can do. Until I can barely feel the pain I was feeling before. Then, later in the day, we will laugh together when the subject being brought again.

Last but not the least, let me say this guys. Our pictures together may not as much as the pictures taken by our other’s friends. But the memories shaped and shipped inside our brains will definitely need more than enough money to print it all. Love you guys as always ❤ See you in another side of the world!



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