The Red, Comfortable Corner That I Love

4 Jul

It’s just another hard day that I spent it doing things I committed to do. Things I would love to do. Things I have planned of doing.

It’s a usual Tuesday night that I spent in this corner,

that red, comfortable corner that I love.

I always come here whenever I feel like it. or whenever I don’t feel like to be anywhere. Sit in that comfortable red-leather sofa, while munching salty, crunchy snacks. or having a meal for dinner.

Life is not always turn on the right direction. Some of my day are not always become the best day. At one point of the day, my mood might not be a good one. Many things might disturb me. Everything can be too much for me. And then… in the end of the day, while sitting in this cozy corner that I love, it soothes me. It soothes my mind.

My escape space.

To mention several reasons of why I love being here:

Listening to the songs they pick, which is somehow reflecting my own playlist that I used to play from time to time. A soft song is a usual sound that you will hear by the time you realize that you no longer remember how many time you spent in there. These songs are a bunch of plain old songs, some of them come from 90’s generations. The sensation of travelling back to the old time in where the music were produced for the sake of creativity, to express what the singer or songwriter was feeling inside. And yes, it feels refreshing, yet nostalgic in the same time.

One said that green symbolized as calming, sometimes jealousy. Green is the grass on the fields, it’s the static colour of technology. A colour associated with our earth and life. Represent of growth and healing. Green surrounded not just the lovely corner where I usually sit. The way it was-and still is-put in the wall, combine many others decorations are fascinating to see. The combination between its brighter and its darker green color, leave my mind to wander while leaning my back and taking slow, deep breathing with both of my hands resting in the sofa’s arms.

A low light, glowing mercilessly, simultaneously, affecting one to another lamps’ light. Its shadows stacked upon each others. Creating shallow and peaceful atmosphere. Adding some coffee and meals’ smells that comes out from the kitchen. Make it a very difficult choice to not munching something and ordering something else. Tasting the food that worth every penny. Savoring til the last drop, if that is even possible.

Oh. and that sweet, creamy, delicious-looking chocolate ice. That I never miss to have. yep, that too.



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