July 18, 2014

18 Jul

I’m feeling a bit off today. I don’t feel like complaining about anything to anyone, but I think it would be nice if only I got to share it with someone else, even though it just a random person or a stranger – which seems impossible thing to do right now.

Honestly, I supposed to have two meetings that I should attend yesterday, but I didn’t. Not that I was being lazy or something. It just.. yesterday was such an eventful day. Both physically and mentally exhausting. The combination of both things weren’t a good one, thankfully it’s still a fasting month, so that I required to keep my emotional level in check. In the end, I chose to escape. I chose to not deal with anything, to ignore everything that bother me for the whole day – lol I was joking, by missing two activities in one day gave me like two or three additional hours for me to enjoy a quality-me-time.

Some people need to realize that expressing their anger toward others isn’t as simple as it sounds. Some people tend to say hurtful wordsthat at some points do not go along with the reason they got angry at the first place – just to purposely hurt the others and make others to feel exactly like what they are feeling at the moment. Some people try to justify, rationalize or excuse their harsh words and disrespectful attitudes by proclaiming “You’re just too sensitive, don’t take it so seriously!” or “This is me…so get over it.” “What’s the big deal anyway?

Words are very powerful, people should be careful of what they say.

Let me recite you the story of the little boy with a bad temper.
There are a father and his son. Handing his son a bag of nails, the boy’s father explains each time his son loses his temper and shouts angry hurtful words he must hammer a nail into the back of the wooden fence in their yard. On that first day 37 nails went into the fence. Over the next few weeks the boy began discovering it was easier to hold his temper and his tongue than trek all the way out to the back fence and pound those nails into the fence.

After some time the boy proudly approached his father and announced he had not lost temper at all for several days. His wise father suggested his son pull out one nail for each temper-free day. Finally, boasting that all the nails were gone, the boy takes his dad’s hand and leads him to the fence without nails. “You have done well, my son. Now look at the holes in the fence. It will never be the same. When you say things in anger your words leave scars, just like these holes.

To be honest, I’m not the best person to handle people who aim their anger to me. Put me on these situation, and I will certainly do what I usually do. I disengage. Yes, I will sit there and listen, while keeping smile on my face. Then, I will walk away after telling you to calm down before you talk to me again.

Why? simply because by engaging with the negativity, means that I let myself to be disturbed by the words they have said and let it ruin my day. Even more, I could be overreacting which in the end will just make things worse. And I don’t want that.

In the end, I believe most people didn’t really mean the words they were saying when they are angry. But still, sometimes the cut is too deep that it comes to the point where it disturbs one’s day. As if to prove that it shouldn’t be said at all.



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