The Tomorrow: The Recaps

11 Aug

The anticipation of what could have happened in the morning after being sick inside (yes, laryngitis as usual) and got myself pampered with the cold-night-wind the night before, didn’t allow me to sleep well tonight. I know I will be getting a headache in the morning despite the fact that I had sleep or not. Not to mention of having cold, proved by this running-kind of disgusting-inner water that running out through my nose. Gosh.. haha yet I still feel grateful because it could be something worse than just that 🙂

Being sick is not a bad situation to go through at all. It simply means that you are unable to do things as better as when you were healthy. Also you will have your food taste less compared to its usual taste. And suffering the sideline disease that often follow (if any). And lessening your late home arrival. And ice cream is banned or any of that cold-freshening drink I used to enjoy in the middle of a hot day. Not having those thing is not really that bad. note the sarcasm lol.

Anyway, this post wont be about complaining on how suck being sick is or how many things that I do less in performances. Here, I want to look back and review how many icy stuffs that I eat or drink in the past 5 days, because August 8th is the last day that I feel like a total healthy person. So, let’s get this started!

August 8th

Noon: I drank banana juice with a little mix of strawberry because it was too hot outside and was hungry too

Night: I attend a friend’s wedding in the night, that provide ice cream as one of its dishes but didn’t have the chance to eat it. Buuuutt then me and some friends decide to crash on Peacock Coffee and I eat Banana Pancake with Vanilla Ice cream on top of it.

Oh, right. and something with hazelnut and chocolate with ice.

Not to mention that I arrive home around 3 o’clock in the morning hahaha good girl yaa 😀

August 9th

I spent the whole day literally on the road. Have bonding time with a friend of mine and her cousin.

Noon: I remember felt like completely dried out after hot day in Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah and then I proposed to eat something icy for accompanying our lunch. And we ended up in “Es Rumpi”


After the Es Rumpi session, we went to Sam Poo Kong-the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang. It was such a fun time I had back there 😀

Night: It was Saturday night and umm.. I actually have no plan to go anywhere and feels like enjoying a “ME” time. Hey, nothing wrong with that, right? haha I arrived home and charge my-already-battery-saver-mode-phone, only to read 3 messages on Whatsapp, each from Mas Eton, Fauzan, and Menna. They asked whether I could go out tonight with them. Okay then haha here I go.

And yes. A McFlurry successfully being savored inside my mouth that night. Oh, you know that not-on-the-menu-McFlurry? The one that you can actually add more topping? the one that once promoted in the cashier but never showed up anymore? I ordered it and had three toppings *slurrrpp*

That day ended up with a fun ride on a glowing combine-bicycles ride and tasty baked corns.

altAnX10Z_Hg8klJjO5FQPR1cDQUcWowQah8jc8w8s5qKlS altApcfyMYJ-vVXXqfTH3jmpr-lB4DEwrztUvh_qJJhqqXe

I went home at 1 o’clock in the morning. great.

August 10th

Hi Couchsurfing Semarang!
I have today appointment to come to CS’s Halal Bihalal which is an annual gathering held each year which is some days after the Eid-Mubarak. The event actually started at 1 pm but somehow I read it as 4 pm, which make me like horribly late. And I didn’t check my phone the whole day, so I have no idea about the actual time. Great..just great.

Noon: Before my boyfriend picked me up, I drink syrup with ice haha I know it’s such a stupid act consider that I started to get fever in the morning, but well.. I can’t help it.

Afternoon: Reaching Ci Lia’s house, the venue of this year’s Halal Bihalal, the first icy food I eat is a chocolate ice cream. On the picture attached below, you see that pile of red ice cream cups on the right-top corner of the picture, yup that one.


 Then a drink made from kawista syrup with ice. Actually it had the same taste with the kawista syrup brought by my auntie for the Eid Mubarak. The different between the one that served in my home and in the halal bihalal was just its packaging. In Halbi it use plastic bottle (illustrated in the picture below)

While the one that my auntie brought was put in the bigger bottle made from glass.

But I think both of them has the same taste. Or perhaps the almost the same taste haha I had a sick tongue when tasting them, so who knows? Maybe it’s different or maybe it isn’t haha though both of them are still delicious and refreshing as a cold drink 😀


Night: Once the gathering was done, it didn’t just immediately finish in place. Some people decided to light up the karaoke’s room and bring the fun there. It took about three hours of constant and intense singing to make it enough for everyone and make them hungry as well. Or perhaps they stop to sing merely because they were hungry, otherwise it will still continue until God knows how long haha who knows?


Before going back to our home, we stop by in Simpang Lima Foodcourt to grab some foods just enough to satisfy our stomach and stay a little bit to talk merely about anything. By the time we all called it a day, it was already past midnight.

No, I didn’t order any icy thing here 😉

August 11th

Oh, did I mention that a day before I bought a supposed to be healthy drink and put it in the refrigerator, in the freezer to be exact, just to cool it off and forgot to bring it to the Halal bihalal.

Morning: I remember that drink straight after I woke up. It was already freeze in the bottle and I can’t help but eat it. Slowly destroyed the icy texture and put it in my mouth a little bit and a little more and more. Right after that heavenly ice-eating moment passed, I had a running nose, again. Hahaha stupid me.

After taking my lil brother to his school, I went to Balaikota to take care of something and went back home directly after everything was finished. Skipping my turn to stay in the International Office, I chose to take a day-rest instead. A half lazy day. All I did was just sleeping until around 3 pm.

Afternoon: I teach my student and was provided with icy drink again there. I forgot to tell the keeper that I wasn’t supposed to drink something like that. But..since I’m such a polite person, I drink it anyway haha excuse excuse..

Night: There are some urgent and important situation that sometimes need our immediate respond, like tonight. I need to scan some documents and email it to my friend before midnight and he just told me at 10pm -_- I know. It means I need to go out immediately, facing the cold night breeze, while finding which store that still open in that hour. To be honest, it is an easy job and I dont really mind doing it..but not when I was feeling not so good like that haha I know, sh*it things happen.

Yes, it’s done few minutes before 11 pm and my running nose got even worse.


Re-read all those activities in the past days that mostly showed me how many times I had that icy stuffs. Not to mention how that I always come home late at night. I can only say this..

It’s no wonder that I got sick. Having daily routine activities that somehow make me go home so late. that later disturb my sleep schedule. that cause me to not have enough rest. that give me less stamina to fight for the next day. also that many icy things I keep taking even after I know my body start to feel not well. that some unexpected activities whether I need or I want to do without considering my own condition.


I don’t want to say this, but…sometimes I can be that childish. for not thinking the consequences I will be facing especially when it comes to my own health. For not able to choose sleep/rest over have fun with friends or even work-related-things. But…… there are sooooooo many things to do and soooooooo many things that I wanna do, yet the times and the energy that I have often not enough.

In the end, I realized that maybe it’s not childish after all to have myself choose of having fun over rest, or to choose work over sleep. Simply because that’s the way I enjoy my life and I dont regret it at all 😀




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