These Unexpected Gratefulness’ Feeling

6 Sep

Before I call it a day, I would like to take a moment of thinking back and count the blessing I have got in the recent days.

I am grateful for…

New people. Those who come to my life and crossed paths with mine. Those who even though make me busy but never fail to make me burst into laughter whenever we are together. Those who always concern and care for my well being. Those who keep pushing me to never forget the pleasure of enjoying small things happen in life. Those who teach me dirty joke from many parts of the world (damn you, haha) and together we set pranks for other innocent people. Those who never give up on believing what I can do and how far I can go. Those who always say “don’t worry, I got your back!” no matter what the situation is. And those who helps me redefine my boundaries, also those who teach me new things and new perspectives in life.

New lessons. Things which I learn in unexpected time, even sometimes from an unexpected source. Things which teach me how to balance life as it will always be anything but static one. Things which sometimes did shake my own believe and force me to rebuild a new one. Things which can be the sources of knowledge I was having hard time to understand all of it. Things like knowing new values in life and how to appreciate it. Things that show me how imperfect things can be the one that make others become perfect. Things that help me realize that from time to time I can have many different yet interesting insight just from experiencing and evaluating the same moment over and over again.

New chapters. This is where I learn and understand that being confident is not about be the best of all people but it is about walking into a room and do not need to compare yourself with anyone in the first place. This is where I learn to love my self more before I try to love other, and to respect myself a little bit more than before (work hard, play harder, right? lol). The moment where I accept that some people will eventually come and leave in our life, some for good and the rest might be just unfortunate time. The moment where I realize that always seeing the positive things in life will do you good, no matter what happen in your life right now. The moment where I learn to let go of these possessiveness.

New weaknesses that I recently discover. Enough said haha let it be mine to explore and understand.

After Thoughts

I love it when life flows just like a man made river who has its rhythms and was being predictable. Unfortunately, when you are face to face with the reality, you cannot ask for such expectation to likely happen. You have to face it whether you ready or not. Some times are good, some others are not. Some are easy, while the others are rough. In  the end, when you take a short rest in the middle of your struggle and look back, you will see how much you have changed, that you might surprised yourself of the person you once became. You might be surprised how far you have gone until you can reach the place you are standing right at this moment. And just then, you can make yourself believe that no hard works will go to waste. Also that things can be hard that it seems impossible to get it done but eventually it will passed.

Take your time to pursue your dream. No timeline of any human can suit yours. 

Believe in what you do. Have faith in whatever it is your future life will be.

You are here for a reason. For whatever it is, It’s your job to find it. 


Have a good night (or early dawn) sleep. Sweet dream!!



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