In The Ice Cream’s Corner: The Beginning

25 Oct

18th October 2014


As I sit in this corner, I stare at two ladies having intimate conversation, in which one of them had tears in her eyes. That tears in the corner of her eyes. Showing hidden sadness. deep sorrow. A completion of straight yet sad face that she has.

As I have my lunch, a sweet-tasty-delicious dishes and pastry, I notice her smile at first. And was thinking of nothing. Because smile appeared in a conversation is a common thing to happen. Then, the smile disappeared just as fast as it shown. That’s when I realized that her smile didn’t reach her eyes. It was a smile of formality. A mere sign of recognition.

As she wear my favorite color, matched with green scarf covered her hair, it became contrasted compared to her expression right now. Neither bright nor happy, as represented by the choice of her clothes. Neither sunny nor satisfied. It seemed that the saying of dressing up to represent your current mood or condition couldn’t be applied for her. She chose her own style. She chose what she want to show to the outsider. She chose to look happier and brighter.

As her friend finished telling something, she smiled. She showed that she appreciated the company, the sharing. Even after few moments, she started to produce another teardrops, she still there. Listening tentatively to the conversation that keep going. That might be started by her or might be started by her friend.

As I finished this writing, I sincerely wish that everything will ended up well for her.



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