I Found Love In This Team

13 Dec


An old proverb said that if you dont know something or somebody well enough then you wont come to the term of loving them.

The team of where I belong in my organization called as EXPANDABLES TEAM. The name actually represent the department itself which is Expansion Department and its concern on observing potential entities, supporting and establish potential entities to become an expansion, tracking and engaging them to be a mature entity that can sustainably run itself.


The team merely consist of 4 (four) persons, which are Igo, Hari, Aziz and me. This is a small team considering that we have 2 (two) entities that we should manage. But, hey, never underestimated of what few persons can do together, right? haha anyway, you only need one to be a leader and other few more people to run a country, right?

After almost two quarters this team exists, the more I spent time with them, the more visits and activities done together, the more laughs we shares, the more problem we had and also solved together, and a lot more, I started to build this fondness feeling to each person in this team. In terms of personal and/or professional, I learned a lot from each of them. Yes, one can be different people compared to another, but that’s the point. There are a lot more to learn and a lot more knowledge that I could gain, simply because each of us have our own personality which somehow make us different to each other and become unique self.

Like what the proverb stated in the beginning of this post, one would not love someone until they understand them well enough. Somewhere along the way, well I’m not quite sure when, but, I started to trust them more and began to open about details of my life, which I know by myself that I will only ever do it to those small circles of people that I feel comfortable to hang around with. Those who I trust enough will not judge me of the worst. Those who eventhough mentioned my flaws over jokes and jokesll but stand there, offering the help if I ever need it.


And today, as of Saturday of December 13th, I found love in this team. Look forward for the next quarters!


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