That Postman’s Knock Inside

2 Jan

To that one friend who always randomly text me, “are you okay, de?

That question is simple, easily asked by everyone. Yet, it could has very different impacts when one ask that question in a perfectly timed moment.

You always ask that question with no certain reason. Yet, it was always a perfectly-timed question.

You know the feeling when you were feeling down, but you don’t feel like sharing it to the world. You keep it inside for the fear that others will think of it as unimportant matters and you were just thinking too much about it. So you ended up keeping it inside, buried it deep down that no one would be bothered.

No. I don’t feel ashamed that I had problems. Or that something wrong happened in my life. Or that I dont have things as good as the others. Or, that I’m not perfect. It just…sharing my problem/s to someone else is not an easy thing to do.

And I dont like to share negativity.

But, hey, thank you for always giving that Postman’s knocks, and asking whether I am okay. It might not seems a big deal and I might always answer it with that I’m okay but still… I DO appreciate it that you did ask.



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