The First 28 Days

5 Feb

If I wait for the perfect weather for writing this post, maybe I will never write anything for, at least, the next 5 months. Lately, Semarang has transformed from the sun-burning city into one of those city who you don’t mind walking around without putting your jacket on. Since the rainy season get started, it barely feels hot outside, and become more and more comfortable to do morning exercises.

Along January, there are a lot of stuffs going on. Like graduations of some college friends, death of a close relative, events from both projects and city itself, trip planning, gathering, emotional circumstances, personal revelation, and birthday surprise. Yup, my birthday surprise.

By the second week of January, at 8th to be exact, I officially become a 21st years old woman. A period of age which tells me that I’m not too young anymore to be called as a child nor too old to be wise enough about everything. Still, I’m grateful enough to be given the chance to live the 20-something moment.

I know every person come in life will never be an eternal stay, they will come and go whenever it feels like it. whenever the time for them to stay is over. or, whenever the purpose of their existences in our life are fulfilled. It might not be a pleasant fact but well, it keeps reminding me to never take such things for granted. To always show gratitude towards every single things or every single souls that happen to cross paths with mine.

Anyway, talk about my birthday, I got three birthday surprises *wink* haha I’ll let the pictures talk 🙂

20150108_163831 20150108_163835 20150108_164023 20150108_164026 20150108_16403920150108_164042 20150108_164146

One of the best kind of happiness comes from those who always care for you. well…even though it failed. haha but still thank you guys, thank you for Sukma and Raisya for giving me a 12th birthday surprise hahaha I didn’t realize I’m still that young to you guys. Thank you. and to think that this might be our last birthday celebration moment together in our uni life, kind make me sad. But, hey, life is going on. Let’s make a promise to always stick together no matter what happen in the future, yes? 🙂

p.s. there are supposed to be two other persons came, Retno and Arief, but well, you guys get to see the pictures taken, right? lol

10532506_10203387314752125_5373438726002302975_n (2)

Everyone in my functional team said that we will have a weekly meeting in the afternoon, but they showed up really-really late, I mean, two hours waiting is not something I would like to do considering I have another plan for the evening. But, when they finally come, they bring this bright-white-chocolate cake and that’s all it takes to make everything up haha Thanks a lot for the surprise, guys. Thank you my beloved VP, Igooo. Thank you my teammates Hari and Aziiz.

DSC04165 DSC04167 DSC04168 DSC04169 DSC04170


The pictures above are a birthday celebration with Couchsurfing Semarang. Actually it supposed to be a monthly gathering which happened in the same day as my birthday, but I honestly didn’t expect the be given the surprise, sooo yeah it was a really great moment.

Thank you for anyone who has come and surprise me haha to Andra, Eny, mb Lia, Erik, mb Lulu, mb Titi, ci Lia, Elys, Sita, mb Dwi, mb Retno, Steve, and other. Still, the biggest thank you for the dearest Fajar, for arranging the surprise and making the moment even more priceless. Thanks for caring. Cant say nothing more. A perfect ending for the day. 🙂



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